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yOu are gOne (preciousuicide) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 22:33:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE

    oh yes. . . . even there!
    Dunno. Blah blah blah uhhhhh yea I got bored so I thought I'd entertain you with my boredom. Hah!

    Baby Blue eyez
    With her perfect hair and tight thighs
    She walks in the room with a smile
    All the guys want her at least for a while

    Don’t walk away from me
    It hurts and why can’t you see?
    That we should be together
    I thought it was going to be forever?






    there are so many tears
    in my heart that
    never reach my eyes

    .when he walks by.
    -I smile like I d0nt kare-
    .but inside I'm screamin life's *n0t fair*.

    This isnt a perfect world. . . people do get hurt.
    You smile when you feel. . . like crying.
    You act like you're okay when. . . you're anything but.
    You pretend like you're happy. . . when really you're falling apart inside.

    This is gonna be long.

    I'm sick of not hearin my phone ring
    I'm sick of bullshit and just everything
    I'm also sick of cryin day and night
    I'm just hopin that someday everything will be alright

    if you hate me. . hate me
    just don't fake it when you're around me

    .I'm tired of trying.
    .I'm tired of crying.
    .I know I'm smiling.
    .But inside I'm. . . dying.

    It's kinda hard to go out with someone,
    when you know, deep down,
    you're still in love with somebody else. .

    °)*(°¤My friends are always tellin me
    °*°Gurl uve been blessed°*°
    But they dont see inside my unhappiness¤°)*(°

    Love is rare,
    Love is strange--
    Nothing lasts
    And people change

    I think I'd d0 better 0n my 0wn. . n0 friends-
    n0 fights . . . ( just me al0ne ).

    I want to be remembered..
    As the girl that could make you laugh
    Even though she was crying inside
    And the girl that could brighten your day,
    ..Even if she couldn't brighten her own..

    constantly . c r y i n .
    never holdin back a single tear
    you look at me like I'm crazy
    but you dont feel the pain I feel

    cryin in my pillow at night
    tears drowned out by the sound of the tv
    no one knows i cry myself to sleep .im lonely.
    i want someone who wont break my heart and who'll hold me
    you don't gotta be there every second but when i need it ..
    .please just console me.

    U girls spend hours
    Perfecting ur features
    I get more looks than u
    And I'm rockin Sneakers

    _Unless ure livin muh life_
    _Dont even try to judge me_

    how are we suposed to live in a
    - rEaL wOrLd -
    when everyone's fake

    its amazing how someone can break your heart
    but yet you still love them with every .broken. piece

    Quotes usually aren't my thing but w/e. I g2g. Dad. Ergh. Comment if you wish.



    p.s. I have a friends only blurty. . . colourmebitch. . .

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