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yOu are gOne (preciousuicide) wrote,
@ 2003-09-19 22:07:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Metallica - Enter Sandman
    go suck a dick assneck. you do realize that alec is going to litterally kill you right? and hell no i do NOT want to make out with you to answer your question from the first day of school. that's just WRONG. you are by-far the gayest guy i know. i can't stand you. you are such a little pussy. and a perve. i could swear that Meghan is snortin oxies or shootin up heroin or some shit like that because i really don't see how anybody could ever even think that you are ok. because you're not. she needs some serious help. go choke on a dick and die bitch.



    oh and please, don't go gay on people, it would be an embarassment to the gays. . .

    That's what I said to "gregsk8erboi" in his deadjournal. GOD I HATE HIM. He's sucha little queer. Ergh. I hope he chokes on a dick and dies. He's like obsessed with this chic Meghan. Ergh. Read his ~Diary~. See what a little queer he is.

    Everybody read that. Ok, Ariel's here. Woop! I missed her. OMG GUESS WHAT! I HAD A FROG FOR A BOYFRIEND (no, litterally, a FROG) LOL AND LIKE HE JUMPED AWAY SO I WAS LIKE

    "Fine. You wanna get out of this relationship bitch? Ok. Fine. You're not breaking up with me, I'm breaking up with YOU!!!!!!!!!"

    Oh that was great. Gravy beyond mashed potatos. Woop! I saw Cory Otero today. LoL. I stopped by there tonight w/ Ariel. Oh that was great. . . LoL. I said Hi. He said Hi. It was forced conversation. (As Ariel would say) (LoL). And then yea. We came back home. We walked to Hess to prove that there were no blue gummie bears. She seems to be stuck on the fact that there are. ::sigh:: When will she learn? LoL. j/p, Ariel.

    I'm gonna go. I get to see my sessay bf tomorrow. Woop!

    We're off to never never land.

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