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Maria (preciousours) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 23:59:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:OURS-Realize (live)

    "We did everything, except pretend that we were something that we weren't.."-Jimmy Gnecco
    plans changed for me today. Nat, Cyn and I were supposed to hang out, but Natalie puked this morning and wasn't feeling very well and Cynthia had to baby-sit, which left me home alone to sit..alone. I'm actually kinda happy that this sitting..alone, let me get in some reading, and writing. I wasn't very content with my writing, but I normally loathe all the stuff I write anyway, and I don't show anyone my writing until i feel it's perfect, but then i think about what Jimmy says and according to him, "the real take, is about imperfection." And so i sit there thinking, if the real take is about imperfection then my writing is "THE REAL TAKE"...hah...but a lot of stuff that i don't like to show anyone, is my best. And that's why i don't like to talk about my writing so much, so know one questions me about it. I think i waste more paper than anyone. I'm sitting there writing lyrics and playing music and then i just crumble up the piece of paper and throw it out. So the smart thing for me to do would be either use pencial or type my work...not gonna happen. it's not that i like wasting paper, it's just i've been WRITING my stuff all these years that it's hard for me to just one day say ok so i'm gonna bring my guitar down with me and type something. I love Jimmy and wish that more guys around here were like him. Hes got an amazing voice, writes amazing lyrics, and to top it all off, hes good looking. he's no Johnny Depp, but he is something.

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