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sarah (poorlittlelamb) wrote,
@ 2006-06-16 17:11:00
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    its finished.
    yesterday was my convocation. i hadn't been planning on going until Lauren became valedictorian. for me my big graduation event was our final exhibition. that was when everyone important to me came out in support. thats what i thought everything lead up to.

    yesterday i felt differently than i had expected to. here i was with 600 others who were getting the same degree. i thought i wouldnt care who did what and where everyone was headed next. i was wrong. i felt this sense of excitement just in putting on that silly robe and being hooded by some important old man who i had never met before. i looked around and saw my professors, my parents and friends who were so excited about this moment and i realised that this is a big deal.

    it hit me that this is it. i spent 5 years working towards something and i completed it...with honours. i don't know exactly how much i learned and i feel like i won't ever really understand how my time at Waterloo affected me, but i feel good. my dad kept saying that i'm the first person in the family to get a university degree. i guess thats cool. i wonder if matters that this degree is a BA in FINE ARTS and not math or engineering. haha.

    Lauren's valedictory was great. i felt so proud of her. she left us feeling excited for the future and not scared because we've just graduated in arts. we are flexible and really can do anything. she made a few references to things only us art students would understand. (and to me for that matter. something along the lines of learning so much from talking with friends at the studio in the wee hours of the morning) i think the whole FA faculty was beaming. Art Green said "it was a barn burner of a speech". haha.

    i'm going to miss this place so much.

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BES Envy
2006-06-19 23:24 (link)
Should've been a planner!

Told you it'd be great...great with honours and mace.
Anonymous Planning Guy

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