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sarah (poorlittlelamb) wrote,
@ 2006-03-16 11:15:00
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    i sold "4 for 2 Tuesdays" yesterday. a couple came into the teashop a few weeks ago and were looking at my paintings. she liked one, and he wanted the other one. 3 days ago he emails me about purchasing the one that she wanted for her birthday. it all happened so fast. i named my price, he named his. we worked it out. we talked for maybe a minute and then he was like "well i really want to surprise her and this is what she wants so if you're willing to sell it now i'll go to the bank and get you the money." DONE. just like that. wow. its exciting. i'm happy to have sold something to someone who is a stranger. i've sold my work before, but its always been to friends.

    its a little sad though. in a way like selling my baby. its something i've put a lot into and is a little part of me (or a least a little part of this year) and to just see it go makes me uneasy. but i know that this is just the beginning and as i sell more works it will get easier and easier. a prof said to me that once you start really getting a lot of work building up and you have no where to put it you'll be dying for people to take them away so you have more room to make more work. its true...especially if after this year i'm not going to have any real home to hang them in. i have to find new homes for them so they're not just sitting in my moms basement.

    so....anyone want to buy one of them...

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2006-03-18 10:02 (link)
will and i would love to babysit!

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2006-03-18 11:21 (link)
:) ok.

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