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Thunderbird (poohbear182) wrote,
@ 2004-01-25 23:54:00
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    Current mood: high

    When i was born i was tiered so i fell asleep. Then i woke up all High. Then i went back to sleep. I grew up a little bit. Then i grew up some more. And then a lot. and now i'm cool. For Shizzle. Then i'm just cool. You didn't have to right that but thats ok. bye. lol. N.O. no. Can you nothing i mean slober. lol will you please stop it now. Ok thats it your driving me crazy and i think you need to stop this now and you are driving me crazy and i am really tired and it is 12:00 and i think i am going to bed. i didn't really say that but ok. i am going to keep talking so you froget what i say and i really need to change my dipper. stop it. lots of moaning and laghfter. will you please stop. i am going to put the phone down for a few minits. lol will you stop now will you stop now i am going to put the phone down now i hope the electricety will go out so you would stop typing. why wont you finger yourself. i have gas. suck my nuts i have 4. i am going to ggo crazy i am going to go crazy i am going to go crazy i am going to go crazy will you please stop. are you done. ok it's over now. your giving me a headeck and driving me crazy bye bye buh bye. i seriously got to go. i got to go.i am going to bed i have to go i have to ok bye i got to go.

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