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Michael Kaminski (polack_mikey_j) wrote,
@ 2004-01-31 14:23:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"get low" - lil jon ---- i wonder why, lol

    a smiling face has taken over me...
    well...i can honestly say that i havent been this happy in quite awhile. robyn is such a great girl. there isnt nething about her that i dont like, so, jk. shes beautiful (even tho she doesnt think so i kno shes blushin right now, lol), affectionate, fun, loving...and the list can go on. last nite i went out with her, her friend katie, and brian. it was the best nite ive had in quite some time :) first we saw the perfect score, which was an ok movie...the best part was jus cuddlin and kissin my cutie! from there we went to applebess to eat....of course the girls had nothin, geez, lol...then we went glow-bowling at pampas lanes. that was prolly the best part of the nite...bowling was fun, but then i got to dance to the music with my hunni and hold her and give her a massage, lol. i duno...for robyn im sure she likes this post....for my friends theyre prolly like awwwwwww, but ur a freak, lol. i duno, im jus glad to be happy!

    my icon at the top right has me askin some one to take my heart...well i found some one who was happy to take it and whos doin a great job with it!!!

    thas all for now....more mushy updates to

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Hey hunny
2004-02-01 16:51 (link)
Awwww, thats so sweet. I never had a guy auctally say how much I really meant to them. You make me feel so special and so happy, I'm so glad we met and I hope it lasts for as long as I wish! You mean a lot to me and honestly I really do like you Baby. Your right.. I am blushin from this. Haha.. you know me too well.. which is a good thing. You degenerate bum! LoL! Luv ya lots hunny!


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