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Michael Kaminski (polack_mikey_j) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 19:45:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:"my letter" - flaw

    finally an update...
    well i havent updated since last wednesday. thas mainly cuz there hasnt been much to talk about. ive had rather mediocre luck with girls over the last few months...kristin "didnt like me in that way," jen said she was interested and then left me haning, and then patricia talked to me one day very interested and we didnt talk again. but i have good news. friday at like 2 a.m., lol, i met a girl, over the fone, named robyn. shes short, blonde, *great* smile :-D, and very nice. talked with her on the fone for about an hour until like three a.m. saturday morning and then we hung out for a lil while saturday nite. we jus sat and talked and then at the end we kissed and cuddled for a lil while, which is something ive been wanting :) so were both very interested and gona hang out this week and shes gona go to my game wed., so i can show off, lol. but its goin well and she lives close so thas another plus. ive only known her a few days but i like her a lot already :-)) but neways thas the only important thing thas happened and im jus happy and smilin :)

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2004-01-28 22:34 (link)
Hey hunny,
Awwww, thank you so much.. hehe I'm beat red from readin that.. thats so great cuz I really like you too!!! Its great... well... I don't know.. I really had fun at your game.. you really played well.. I'm so excited.. I can't wait to hang out with you this week.. I don't know what the fuck was wrong with them other girls cuz they are missin out on the greatest guy! Hehe... Ya, so I guess I'll talk to you later sweetpea... luv ya lotz!


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