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*Kes* (poisonxnitemare) wrote,
@ 2004-06-04 21:15:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:one step closer - linkin park

    another ANOTHER survey!
    i know this is probably getting annoying but i DONT CARE! you hafta admit theyre fun.

    + name. keslie..wahoo!
    + birthday. october 8
    + nicknames. kes, kessie, the BEAST!, brinnys big sis, regans gentle giant, kesticles, etc.
    + location. vagina whoops virginia beach
    + what are you doing right now? this, listening to evanescence, talking to justin and brinny online
    + what are you wearing? black pajamie pants, thomases shirt, navy sweatshirt over that, socks, white bra, orange tyedye panties, jack skellington wristband
    + do you like your neighbors? hahaha i have one and hes like 300 ahaha hes sweet though.
    + whats your magic number. 2, 4 and 6
    + do you smoke drink or do drugs.? um :cough: no of course not..
    what c0mes t0 mind when y0u hear these names..

    + blair. that chick from my gossip girl books.
    + shannon. MITCHELL!!! one of my bestest friends ever
    + thomas. THE BESTEST BOYFRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD WITH A hehe but you get my drift though.
    + scott. that kid with the red hair that just disappeared
    + lawrence. that gay guy in our grade. but hey, i never said that was a bad thing. i dont think he even knows who i am.
    + aaron. another guy from gossip girl.
    + heather. i dunno but i like that name
    + chris. fellini
    + mallory. that chick from the babysitters club ahahah
    + chaquita. drivebys and shootings bwaha jk


    + color. yeller and black
    + friend. how can you have a favorite friend? my BEST friends are christine, thomas and regan.
    + car. that red one from grease with the clear hood. itd be cooler if it was yellow though.
    + food. CHEESE!!! i even have a shirt that says "cheese is good". i got it for $8 at hot topic. damn shibby.
    + drink. orange juice, water, milk.
    + store. hot topic
    + outfit. baggy black pants and a tight shirt.
    + song. NUMB by LINKIN PARK
    + singer. chester bennington (leading guy from lizzle to da pizzle(linkin park))
    + pair of socks. my black fluffy ones
    + saying. "youre such a faggy", "fuck you", "peachy"
    + animal. ducks and cats.

    when was the last time y0u..

    + showered. today.
    + kissed some one. hmmmmmm...about 7 hours ago.
    + went to a movie. awhile ago...shrek2. and that puss in boots was SOOO cute i just wanted to rape it.
    + cried. few days ago
    + talked on the phone. a few minutes ago with thomas
    + paged someone. wow. a long long time ago. i think ive only paged my mom once or twice.
    + lied. probably today at some point. maybe when i told my math tutor that i understood factoring equations.
    + cheated on someone. long time ago.
    + ate nerds. few days ago!!!
    + drank welchs grape juice. i hate that crap
    + watched the country channel. uhm lets see, yea never. i guess i dont fit in with the hics down here hahaha jk.
    + shaved ANY part of you body and what part. today, my armpits and my left leg. (i didnt feel like shaving the other one.)


    + are you a virgin. :cough: no.
    + what did you do on Halloween. lemme think, oh yeah i was GROUNDED so i stayed home watching audrey hepburn movies all night.
    + whats your favorite Scary movie. the nightmare on elm streets, house on haunted hill, 13 ghosts..
    + do you belive in magic. :( not since i was like, 2.
    + whats your favorite magazine. revolver and seventeen
    + whats your middle name. ruth
    + favorite Disney character. JACK AND SALLY! or sleeping beauty, and kusco from emperors new groove. good movie.
    + what brand of deodorant do you use. teen spirit? baha smells like teen spirit. im so clever.
    + do you like Pickles. ugh
    + do you have a website. not anymore..i only have this.
    + do you have your own phone line. i wish
    + your thoughts on abortion. on one hand, its probably your fault you got pregnant..but on the other, its your choice
    + do you like brittney spears. yeah
    + What do you want for christmas. my two front teeth
    + what do you want to do with your life. join the circus...actually just go to college and actually become someone to remember
    + would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what. maybe..on my nose or flab.
    + last time you went to the bowling alley. cant remember
    + what perfume/cologne do you wear. axe, clinique "happy", my carebear stuff
    + do you like jell-o if so what flavor. i HATE jello. i think the way regan eats it just turned me against the crap.
    + brand of toothpaste. aquafresh
    + last time you went to the doctor. hmm. awhile ago to some shrink
    + do you have a credit card: nope
    + do you love your mom. yeah :)
    + do you love your mom as much as norman bates did in PSYCHO. hahahaha uhhh..
    + ever taken ballet. yes. i HATED it.
    + favoite juice. orange juice.
    + most attracitve person. THOMAS HORNER!!!...or denzel washington and kurt cobain. but mostly thomas.
    + any diseases if so what are they. anxiety and depression
    + last book you read...was it good. hmm it was either someone like you or go ask alice..and they both made me cry so yes they were good.
    + white, dark, or milk choclate. MILK
    + ever died your hair. many many many a time
    + What brand shampoo. pert, stuff from the salon, pantene, etc
    + thing you hate most about your body. my nose and my flab
    + last time you smoked. smoked what?? if it was a ciggarette, then about an hour ago. if something else...well thats another story. sorry kids.
    + last thing you bought. ciggarettes

    m0re rand0m..

    + are you stressd out...if so from what. not at the moment.
    + what do you wear to the beach. a bikini and shorts, or a big tshirt. and tanning oil.
    + do you belive in angels. yea i guess so
    + would you ever join the army. hell no
    + do you want a puppy. i want a kitty!
    + Favorite icing. that stuff from ice cream cake
    + last time you were scared. today
    + by what?. panic attack
    + last party you went to. ummm..i guess mikes at christys house
    + what detergent do you use. surf
    + what fabric softner do you use. haha downey
    + are your nails real or fake. real. you can tell. they're not pretty.
    + do you work out. no.
    + are u muscular. HA. no.
    + do you take a lot of pictures. oh yea
    + favorite tv show. E! true hollywood story, tom and jerry
    + do you want a baby. not now, but someday.
    + ever thought u were pregnent. yeah it was probably just paranoia though
    + last time you were sick. today
    + butter or margerine. butter, but not too much
    + your feelings on mcdonald chicken nuggets. eeeeewwww
    + do you belilve in santa claus. no. my mom ruined that for me when she started asking what i want in my stocking.
    + do you go to a tanning bed. once in awhile
    + do you have a car. nope
    + do you have your licence? nope
    + how do you get around. parentals or friends.
    + are you dissatisfied with your hair color. mmm kinda
    + what kind of jewlry do you wear. none
    + do you have a cellie. well i DO but its in the school OFFICE for about TWO MONTHS now. damn bastards.
    + favorite kind of gum. orbit or dentyne ice..:ice ice baby:
    + would you ever get a tatoo. maybe.

    even m0re rand0m..

    + do u like coffee...what kind...what in it: yep, folgers, straight black
    + favorite lip gloss. i barely wear lipgloss
    + do you wear a watch. once in yellow NIKE watch that my daddy gave to me for my bday.
    + sunglasses. uhh..what about them
    + ever use nair....if so where? yep, on my legs and it smells like ASS.
    + ever been to the mall of america. MANY A TIME! i lived in minnesota for six years
    + are you online a lot. not really.


    + number of times I have been in love. 2 times. i thought it was three but i realized it was only two. damn asshole!
    + number of times I have had my heart broken. a lot.
    + number of hearts I have broken. a few
    + number of boys I have kissed. haha uhh...lets just say several
    + number of girls I have kissed. a lot
    + number of men I've slept wit. 2
    + number of continents I have lived in. 1!
    + number of drugs taken illegally. uhm. :cough:
    + number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends. two, plus my family
    + number of people I consider my enemies. none
    + number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with. i'm in high school.
    + number of cd's that I own. tres tres many
    + number of piercings. hmmm used to have two but i did them myself and they filled in so now i have none
    + number of tattoos. 0.
    + number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper. at least 3 or 4.
    + number of scars on my body. a lot
    + number of things in my past that I regret. a lot..and im not proud of that

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