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*Kes* (poisonxnitemare) wrote,
@ 2004-05-19 12:48:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:disturbed in my head - droppin' plates

    hairdye, movies, bad feelings
    okay so i went to school today! i slept in cuz i think english 11 SOL's were today (haaahaaa sucks for juniors) and yea so i got to school, and i saw mikey and he said that thomas was kinda mad because i promised him id come early this morning and i didnt accidently. First block was okay. i didnt do shit. Then when the bell rang i saw derrick and he said that thomas looked upset or whatever and i told derrick why ive been gone these past two days and derrick said, "well if he dumps you its gonna be your fault," and i was like hes not gonna effin dump me, you doosh. but then i saw thomas in the courtyard and it was like some switch went off and i go "boooiinnnggg" and i jump all over him and stuff. it felt good. so thomas was never really upset in the first place. yayy!
    but last night really sucked. i went to see "man on fire"(the title fits the description of the leading actor in there-denzel washington..bwaha)with my mom, andy, and Merrill and it was really good but REALLY OOBER SAD and i cried twice. one, when the girl gets kidnapped in the first place and shes screaming his name.."creasy, creasy"...and i was like aaaahhh!! i didnt bawl but tears were streaming down my face. and then at the end of the movie when yeah, you know, he gets to see Pita again but not for long. that was so sad. so then we were leaving and my brother had won me that donkey from Shrek in those claw machines before the movie and we realized that i left it in the seat and we were gonna go back..but these guys rolled up and shouted something at me. Have you ever like, seen strangers that you dont know at all but you just get these really really bad feelings around them? Thats how it was and they were hanging around the theater and i got this bad, empty feeling the bottom of my stomach and i said, "lets just go, lets go" and we left and i got this really bad panick attack in the back of the car. you know the drill if you have anxiety problems; i couldnt breathe right, my heart felt like it was gonna explode, i felt this tightness in my chest. i was crying too and i was biting my lip so hard but i didnt even feel it. Then i got home and thomas called and i was crying and i told him about it. I was shaking and my teeth were chattering really hard but i was burning up in cold sweats. it was crazy but i felt better by the time we hung up and i had a ciggarette and some water. i havent gotten one of those in awhile though. oh well. today has been going pretty good and haha guess what we're studying in health?! SEX ED!! woooohoooo!!! oh and about my hair: a lot of people like it. john said it made me look even more beautiful and vicky kept saying, "you look so hot!", derrick said it looked pretty, etc. so its not that bad. regan and i got some Pert shampoo the other day and i had to wash it three times to get it to lighten up a bit. so here are some hairdying tips:

    1) if youre going from light to dark, dont get too dark of a shade.
    2) NEVER let it process for more than 45 minutes.
    3) make sure you have enough hairdye.
    4) if it does turn out too dark, dont dye it again cuz itll fry/fall out.
    5) use some Pert shampoo and wash it three times, drying it a little inbetween. (perts the strongest shampoo.) and it wont lighten it up a whole lot but itll keep you from looking like a witch.

    okay thats good enough. 3 minutes left....bye byes.

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