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*Kes* (poisonxnitemare) wrote,
@ 2004-04-26 12:00:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:nothing, but i have Shinedown in my head.

    woop woop!
    YO YO YO! im tryin to multitask by writing in here AND writing my sweetness a note so bear with me. today has been...hmm...pretty good, i guess. i went to french for the first time in over a week! i was so confused with everything, i was like ABLEH! i had no clue what "qui est-ce que" or "quoi" meant or how to conjugate the verb "etre" and "faire". (until i looked at my notes.) history was okay; as always, dallas was being annoying, ryan was high, cody was..cody, and billy and i passed some notes. and as of now im in study block again! yeehaw! im feelin kinda "yipee" today and i have no clue why, its an ordinary, boring monday. but i woke up at the asscrack of 5:15 this morning and rode the bus so i got to see the one and only thomas before first block.
    hahaha, my little "daydream" book is starting to fill up...even thomas wrote one about getting revenge on his algebra teacher by taping her to the chair and shoving her down the stairs. (that rhymed!) its fun. ive written a lot of random ones..they're crazy...angry beavers, teachers that need anger management, collapsing ballerinas, human birds...etc. its just oh so fun though, it acts as a fourth journal to me. (i have a lot of different crap that i keep my thoughts normal journal, my poem notebook, this, and now my daydream thing.)

    ANYWHO. yeah, i think im gonna skip fourth block today and just go to the creek cuz i never do anything in algebra anyways. i dont think mrs crouch cares either, maybe she just gave up on me cuz everytime she hands out something she asks me if i want it or not, and when i handed in an empty test she mumbled a "figures.", etc.
    SO yeah. AND its crazy, because after ALLLL those classes i missed last week i dont think mr korte is gonna give me anything. i dont wanna jinx it though, i wont be surprised if a red pass comes for me the minute after i say that.
    well im gonna go finish my note.

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