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Nicky-chan (poeticdesire) wrote,
@ 2003-01-19 23:29:00
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    Part 2!
    Part 2 of 3
    Semi-NonCon, BDSM
    Harry was standing at the foot of Ron's bed. He'd parted the curtain, he left arm was up against the right-bottom bedpost of the bed, head resting against his arm as he watched his best friend sleep. The one he'd sorely miss. His other hand was at his side, tapping his wand lightly against his knee as he watched his best friend sleep.

    Everyone knew Ron to be one of the most rock hard sleepers there ever was. His big lanky build required a lot of rest and relaxation. So, as soon as that head hit the pillow for a mid afternoon nap, he was out cold, for a good 2 hours. At one point, he remembered a most unfortunate event which involved a bucket of ice water, and 3 rather evil Gryffindor friends, namely the Twins and Lee Jordan. Ron would quietly dream about Hogwarts, about Harry, and how he couldn't keep his mind off the Boy Whom Lived, even when in dreams. He shifted just a bit, curled up almost in a ball on that small bed, cradling a pillow to his face, hands hugging that pillow close.

    Harry raised his wand, giving it a slight wave, watching the redhead's pajamas disappear. Glad he'd found that interesting book while browsing the restricted section under his invisibility cloak. It came in hand. He waited, seeing Ron wasn't about to stir. Another wave caused Ron's legs to spread and raise slightly, ropes leaving the tip of his wand and tying loosely around those ankles, before moving and tying to the posts of that bed. With a bit of slack. He smiled to himself and moved onto the bed between his best friend's legs waving his wand again, getting Ron's arms to move and be tied, loosely as well. The nude boy spread-eagled beneath him. Hoping Ron didn't wake quite yet.

    Ron felt something strange. He couldn't explain it. A slight draft, but he figured it was all part of his dream. He was with Harry, they were at the Burrow. Standing outside, watching the sun setting together, the breeze felt nice. Slowly, the rock hard sleeper began to wake, feeling his arms moving away from the pillow he held, dreaming it was Harry. When he stirred, a darm groan left his lips, and he stretched a bit, eyes peaking open. Upon seeing the brunette between his legs, Ron gave a jerk, but his arms and legs were .. strapped down?! Those intense blue eyes went wide, "What the -- Harry, this iisn't funny now let me g--" He blushed a dangerous shade of red as he realized he had been stripped naked. He tried to squirm to cover himself up, Ron being the self conscious lanky well endowed boy that he was. His cock lay limp between his spread legs. He was shaking.

    He saw the boy begin to wake, watched those eyes flutter open and meet his own. "Ron...shhh..." He closed the curtans behind him and used a silencing charm. He set his wand down and leaned forward, cupping Ron's cheek, stroking it, slowly kissing over Ron's chin.

    They had been friends for YEARS. 4 to be exact. But Ron never saw this side of Harry. And it firghtened him just a bit. He looked deep into Harry's emerald eyes, "What's gotten into you?" he spoke softly, the kisses felt good, but he didn't return them. "Have you cracked? Why did you tie me up like his ... " he turned his head away, looking at the rope restraints around his wrists.

    He kissed along that jaw and sat up, chuckling. "No, I'm perfectly fine." He stripped his own pajamas off and stayed kneeling between those legs, his hands rubbing over them softly, down towards that crotch. "I want you, Ron."

    His voice was a massive studder, "B-b-b-but Harry ... w-w-we're ... " Yes, they were best friends. Ron felt an odd churning in his groin as those hands moved closer, "Why're you doing it like this?" he looked scared still, still straining against the rope. He swallowed thickly/

    "I think it's sexy." He turned his head, kissing over one of those feet, down along the side of it, tongue curling out to lick over the skin. He kissed back up slowly and sucked the big toe into his mouth, licking around it.

    Ron winced, squirming again. His cock jumped lightly at the feel of that mouth over his feet. "Y-you're ... scaring me, 'Arry .. " he closed his eyes, his words betraying what his mind was thinking. That brain of his kept jumping back to the images in his dream. Harry's bright smile, the way he looked as the sun rose over the horizon, bathing him in a flame of reds, oranges and yellows. When his eyes opened, he was staring at the dark figure at the base of his bed, very much involved in his actions. "Please, Harry! I don't like this ... let me go ... "

    He moved his lips from the toe, kissing down over the top of that foot and slowly and down that leg. "Ron..." A hand finally felt over the redhead's sack, then up that shaft slowly. "You'll like it, I promise..."

    A dark groan left his lips as Harry's hand closed around his pulsing manhood. He shuddered visibly, his head falling back against the pillow. "S-Since when ... didju fancy me like this, 'Arry?" he breathed out, panting cutting up his words. Those eyes, that look Harry gave him ... Ron remembered back in their 2nd year when Harry would speak parseltongue. It turned him on immensly, but he never could tell Harry that. But the look he was being given now, it reminded him of that time.

    "A while...and it's more than're the love of my life..I want you to be mine...I want to own every part of you..." His lips curled into a grin as his hand gripped that shaft. His face moved to hover over Ron's. "I love you." He grinned. "I want you.." But the last came out in a series of hisses. Parseltongue. Did Harry know it turned Ron on? Not at all. But it seemed like a good thing to do.

    Ron's eyes went wide, pulling his head off the pillow to look up at him "Y-you ... love me?" Then, those hisses. Ron squirmed still, his hips moving towards that hand, forgetting all of his self consciousness. He liberaly groaned and wimpered as Harry continued to pleasure him. Ron wish his hands weren't tied. He wanted nothing more than to touch, explore, feel the sensation of his skin under his fingertips. Ron was panting heavily now.

    "Will you give in to me? Give yourself to me?" English. With a hissing undertone. He began to stroke that hardening shaft, his own rubbing over Ron's hot rear. Lips inches from lips. "Let me take mine...Ron, love...let me take you..."

    Those words did not pour love and romance like Ron had wished. They were full of a dark, deep seeded desire. A primal lust. Ron's body was telling him that he was ready, that he wanted it. Ron arched his back, giving a wimper, "Y-yes ... " Ron's eyes were clouded over with a need never before experienced for him. Although he didn't quite know what exactly Harry wanted to take from him. But he had a good idea.

    He nodded and pressed those lips against Ron's. He wanted to be rough, harsh. But he held himself back. For Ron. BECAUSE it was Ron. The kiss slow. Deep. Tender. Because this boy, this boy he truly loved. Cared for. He couldn't wholly rape Ron. He wanted to own Ron. Love Ron. But he wanted Ron to give himself willingly. His hands moved and arms wrapped around Ron's neck as he kissed deep. Slow. Tongue licking over those lips.

    Ron slowly got the feel of those kisses. Tasting his velvet tiers against his own. So warm, so wet and gentle. Ron wanted nothing more than to hug him, wrap his own arms around him, just hold him close. But he couldn't. Moaning and groaning gently in their shared kiss, Ron fought back just a bit, still too timid to do anything truly serious.

    He could feel Ron's want. Ron's need. But he didn't let it happen. Knowing it'd make Ron want him all the more. His hands moved and slowly rubbed over Ron's arms, those pits, and down those sides as he deepened the kiss. His tongue slipping into his best friend's mouth, licking around inside, tongue curling around tongue as he continued to kiss. The tip of his hard shaft pressing to Ron's virgin hole, but he didn't press in at all.

    Ron remained completely still. He continued to kiss him, everything around him turning fuzzy. It was a surreal experience. It felt so right, and yet something was wrong. Ron continued to pull Harry deeper and deeper into their kisses, allowing that tongue to delv into his mouth, reveling at the sensation of their swirling tongues at battle with one another. Ron wimpered again, hands taut against his restraints.

    His hand sought out his wand, pressing it to Ron's hole. He continued to kiss passionately, deeply, their tongues wrestling. He mumbled 'Lubricus,' into the kiss, doing it again as he pressed the wand to his shaft. He set the wand down, not breaking the kiss once as he began pushing gently into that hole.

    Ron jerked at the sensation of the wand breaking past the puckered muscle of his anus, then feeling the slick cool sensation of the lubricant. He broke the kiss off, as soon as the tip of his cock was felt slipping against the protesting of his body. Ron pleeded softly, "Harry ... what're you doing? It ... f-feels so strange ... " he whispered, nuzzling against Harry's cheek, kissing and caressing his skin with Ron's flushed own.

    "I'm taking you..." He gently worked his hard shaft into that virgin hole. Shivering at the tightness, letting out a low moan. He tilted his head into the kisses as his hands rubbed and carressed over Ron's body. "I'm making you mine..."

    Giving out a hitched breath, Ron arched sharply as the head of his cock slipped past the barrier, and drove deep into him. Ron was sweating, hard needy breaths escaping his lips erratically. "Aaah! Ha-Harry!" his voice let out a squeak of disapporval. It burned, it stretched him too much, he felt his body tearing. He clenched hard on that shaft, suffocating that length inside him.

    He arched and moaned, pausing with about an inch in that tight hole. "Relax....relax Ron..." He turned his head, kissing over an ear slowly, licking it softly. His hands very gently rubbing up and down the redhead's sides.

    Trying to relax, being told to relax was not the same as doing. He let out a held breath, shaking his head, "Harry it hurts ... " he pleeded, sounding much like his 11 year old self than his 14 year old self. "I ... I can't take it, Harry ... I n-need t-to touch you ... " his hands were balled so tightly into fists, he had imbedded his nails in his palms, and his hands were burning from the rope around his wrists, rubbing off the skin.

    He moved a hand, untying one of Ron's hands. "Just one, ok?" He kissed Ron softly, grinning, slowly working a second inch into that tight hole.

    Ron's hand that had been set free gingerly caressed down Harry's cheek, curling lightly at his shoulder for a moment or two, before it moved to the back of his best friend's head, fingers combing through his hair gingerly. He moaned still, but the pleasure was soon outweighing the pain.

    He smiled as Ron's hand carressed through his hair. "Better, love?" He began working himself into that hot ass again slowly, cock throbbing as his lips pressed passionately to Ron's, tongue licking deep into that mouth.

    Nodding silently, he closed his eyes, letting pleasure melt with pain and desire. He moved lightly with Harry's oncoming thrusts. It was starting to feel better, Ron's own erection crushed between them, the friction just like that of a hand. Ron's freed hand wandered down along Harry's side, his soft gentle hands barely felt against Harry's skin, moving over Harry's firm arse, tugging him deeper between his legs.

    He moaned softly, kissing Ron passionately and licking into that mouth, One hand slid those fingers into Ron's silken red hair, his other hand moving to slowly stroke along Ron's hard shaft, squeezing it softly. His hard length throbbing as he very slowly worked his length deeper into that virgin hole.

    A spark of fire ignited behind Ron's closed eyes. Something felt deep down in his gut, something that couldn't be stopped. A growing tingle, a sensation that something mighty good was going to happen soon, and Ron ached for it. Squirming just enough, Ron continued his sounds of satisfaction, nuzzling and nibbling Harry's earlobe.

    "Mmm, yeah...I love you, Ron..." He groaned as he worked himself slowly deeper into Ron's hole. Not stopping until all his length was deep into Ron. His length throbbing. "Fuuuuuck.....oooh, fuuuck you're tight..."

    He shut his eyes tightly, he felt his body constricting on that flesh so tightly pressed within him. Harry was such a large size. He didn't think he could take him at all. But apparently, there was a lot about himself he didn't know. He was enjoying this ... this pleasure from his best friend. Harry Potter. Harry potter was Ron Weasley's first sexual experience. He was growing antsy, he couldn't wait forever. The building heat in his body was almost too much, as he already began to squirm, wondering what came next.

    He broke the kiss softly, moaning as he drew out until only the tip rested in, before sinking back in fully, very slowly fucking his best friend. He moved his lips to the underarm of Ron's still-tied hand, licking over the soft flesh, sucking and kissing it gently as he contionued to stroke that hard cock.

    "Nnnuuh!" he cried out at the first intense jolt of pain. After such gentle pleasure, this was just another step. He purred softly, burrying his face in the crook of his neck. "Harry ... oh Gods ... Harry!" his voice was caught between panic, pain, fear, and complete euophoria. His hitching erratic breaths filled the small area, enclosed by the curtains that silenced his screams.

    He moved his lips back and kissed Ron passionately, fucking in and out, slow and deep, his cock throbbing as he slowly fucked. His length throbbing as it moved in and out of that hot ass. His hard length rubbing over that prostate as he took his best friend's virginity. "Aaaah, fuck...Ron!"

    Ron could only hear the intese beat of his heart, the thruming of blood through his veins, feeling his muscles move, contort, and overall work to make Ron spasm. His back arched hard, his mind setting off fireworks, his vision exploding with colours. The wave of emotion and pleasure that washed over him had Ron explosivly orgasming, his body milking Harry's shaft tightly. A pool of his spent essence covered his chest, a thick creamy substance. The smell filled his nostrils, swirling with the scent of sweat and Harry. Ron's lips perminently parted as his moans and dark groans from his orgasm began to subside.

    He tongued Ron's mouth as he gasped, feeling that hot, tight ass spasm around his cock. He groaned into the kiss and sank in deep, arching as he shot his seed into Ron's no-longer virgin ass, panting softly. "RON!!" He cried out in ecstacy.

    He held the back of Harry's head, feeling their hot breaths mingling against one another, feeling their bodies slide and melt into the graceful rhythem. Ron shuddered, the sensation of being filled was not a very pleasent one. But Ron was overwhelmed. Harry loved him. He breathed in a deep breath, letting his exhale brush over Harry's
    Harry took his wand and waved it, the ropes untying completely. He layed on Ron and stroked that red hair, smiling softly. "I love you. You're mine."

    Ron found slight unease in the last bit of that sentence, but was too enveloped in the warmth and comfort that Harry offered, and was almost drifting back to sleep. Curling his arms around him, he held him close, just like the pillow he'd been cuddling before. But this time he had his best friend. He sighed deeply, kissing his forehead and temple lightly, and he began to idly worry about the future.

    "Nothing'll change, really." He kissed those lips and smiled. "I love you. That comes first."

    Ron gave a small grunt, drifting off quickly into a restful slumber. Never before had he been so drained, so in need of sleep. He brushed his lips over the top of Harry's head, muttering and murmuring against his messy locks.

    He smiled and simply held Ron to him, holding the boy. Stroking that hair. "Sleep now. It's alright."

    Again, me and friend Kozibot. Leave comment/suggestions. :)

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