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Rory (pliny82) wrote,
@ 2003-04-02 10:05:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime

    Well then
    Things are quieting down from the mass hysteria of the acceptance letter Monday night. Took me by a big shitload of surprise, but hey, I got in, and that's all that counts. I'm currently trying to find all family and friends t-shirts hats etc from the AMP to get them. Any requests, just let me know! I'm so excited, next fall, I'll be starting the professional tract of my major and 2 years from now, I'll be graduating with a degree in Respiratory Therapy, not to mention certification and registration to begin working in the field the next day. I think, and I know it's really early yet, I might work here at OSU for a few years after graduation. I mean, this school has given me so much and they offer their former students great benefits packages, not to mention I'm going to be taking the rest of my pre-med classes (more bio, orgo, I think some retarded physics too).

    So today is the first cadaver experience in anat. I don't think it's going to be all that special. They told us that if you get sick, aim away from the body and run out of the room. I guess they don't want to clean out barf from the abdominal cavity, but then again, where the hell do they think it comes from anyway? I mean, barf will just make it more realistic. EWWWWW!

    So things are going really great as compared to last quarter. I'm now an actualy junior, bout fucking time, and I have a respectable major (I'm sorry Katie, but sociology is not a major for you). My vehicle is coming down probably on thursday (road trip to UNCG!!! heheh, j/k Mary, but u know you'd love it), and I think I have some roomates for next year's apartment. One thing left to take care of and I think everyone can guess what it is. I think I'm destined to always give relationship advice, but never to be in one again. I have resolved myself to finding a girl by the end of the quarter. No, not Katie, that's way too out there for me and I will never be that desperate again. I just have to suck it up and be a man about it. Hehehe, maybe if I didn't look like some high schooler taking college courses this would be easier, hence not shaving.

    Mary and I had an interesting conversation last night. She stated that she was a "freak" when it comes to sex. Now, granted, she has had a more interesting sex life than some, but that doesn't make her a freak or a skank (anyone who says different will get the shit kicked out of them ;-) ). I told her that it's just her character and charm to want new and interesting things. Now, we're not talking butt sex here, no, she's the tame kind of adventurous, well, from what I've heard so far. I guess sex in my past really hasn't been like that at all. It's always been more romantic or a deep connection, not really something just for the fun of it (well, except for katie the last 100 times). It might sound stupid or old fashioned, but my upbringing tells me sex is not something to fuck around with. When you have sex, you best be ready for something more than just a fuck. But I think I can't agree with that anymore. I have my reasons, none that I want to discuss on here, but whatever.

    Rory Quote of the Day:
    "Buttt sex is so nasty. You get your wang all poopy and stuff, not to mention the ass cooties to keep an eye out for."

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