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Rory (pliny82) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 23:34:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Bruce Springsteen - Cross My Heart

    Hey there!
    Fun fun week. Kate got screwed out of her new apartment, but that was her fault for not taking my advice in the first place. Feeling a little slighted as well about Les. Apparently, it's a girl talk thing, aw well, fuck trevor the asswipe. whatever, anyway, it's sunday night here in the asscrack of the midwest. People are online and apparently not willing to talk. ok then, i'll just be online with nothing to do. For the first time in a while this weekend, i went out to eat and didn't get alcohol. And later I let everyone else get drunk while I stayed sober. I think it's finally hitting me that getting smashed is boring. Wonderful idea I think. It's so unnerving to realize that everyone else has a problem with your drinking but you. So I'll take it easy for a while. Definitely a good thing. My physics prof never got back to me about missing class on thursday, screw him though, all i need is a C. Besides, I would have gotten stuck in traffic and missed class anyway. Nuts to this, not much else to say on here, catch ya on the flipside.....

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