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Rory (pliny82) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 19:14:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Dave Matthews Band - Bartender

    Give Me a Ticket...I'll show you!!!!
    This was a great weekend. My younger older brother graduated from college. Party on saturday night in cleveland lead to me getting shit-housed drunk and making my dad's figurative boss cry. Though I wasn't drunk when I called him the typical 70's porn star, it was a lot of fun. I still have a head ache.


    6:15 - Alarm goes off, snooze for 3 hours

    9:15 - Quickly pack and throw clothes into sleeping bag for washing. Down a bottle of advil, late night of drinking catches up with me

    9:20 - Have an assplosion stemming from the case of coors the night before

    10:00 - Roll up to Lincol towers to turn in paper work for financial aid (college sucks)

    10:05 - Throw up in bushes on my way out

    10:06 - On my way home in Katie's car, without a radio (stolen a week before)

    10:45 - gone through a pack of cigarettes already, wporried about hangover affecting my driving ability, this trip is going to suck

    10:50 - Katie offers to buy alcohol for the night, weekend begins to look up

    12:30 - Arrive in independence, the asscrack of cleveland

    12:32 - Get a dirty look from Katie Father and a handshake, and i have to sleep there, this weekend officially sucks

    12:33 - Get peed on by katie's puppies

    12:35 - take nap

    4:30 - Wake up to inscessant yapping of shit dogs

    4:31 - smack dogs go back to sleep

    6:30 - wake up and eat boston market

    7:00 - listen to katie's mom bitch about her husband being an idiot again

    10:00 - Katie goes back on her offer of alcohol, goes to sleep instead

    10:02 - Draw on katie's face with a high lighter, decided katie sucks

    10:06 - fall asleep


    12:00 wake up to katie telling me my sister wants to know when I'm coming, i ask how much alcohol is there, she says enough, decide to sleep for another 2 hours

    2:00 wait for katie to get her catepillars ripped off her face, smoke a few cigarettes

    3:00 arrive at party, immediately put to work setting up, decide this job sucks and go hide with a bottle of jack and some cigarettes

    5:00 emerge after my grandparents show up, put the full bottle of jack back, deciding 3:00 was nap time, not shit housed time

    5:05 dad asks what drink I want

    5:06 dad brings jack and coke, abnormally strong

    5:08 after investigating the bottle, decide a quarter of the bottle was too much for my first drink, put it down and go get beer

    5:30 Dwayne show up in a pimpin outfit, leather coat, 80's mustache and chest hair equipped with gold chain, i hold back

    6:30 dwayne is drunk, decides molesting young girls is a good idea, I decide holding back is no fun, i ask dwayne y his jacket couldn't have gone back to 1983

    6:38 dwayne is mortified by the 70's porno comment and i retreat in laughter and toilet

    6:42 witness dwayne feeling up more girls, tell him i'll call his PO and warn him about breaking his probation from this sexual misconducty with a minor charge

    6:52 dad tells dwayne to leave, all is well

    6:55 dad is hammered

    8:30 working on beer 12, feeling a little goofy

    10:05 wake up to my sister taking pictures of me with a cat sleeping on my back, she now sucks, it's time to leave

    11:00 contiue party at katie's, get even more smashed, play mario kart until passing out, I don't know what time it was


    Crappy day all around, head hurting, no sleep, hungover. Fell asleep at the ceremony, matt is even more hungover than anyone else. Get ticket in bu-fucking-cyrus ohio for 73 in a 55, forgot to ask to see the gun, peel away out of spite, damn memorial day weekend


    Wake up really late, pack car, head down to rib cook off, have katie's family buy me 3 $5 beers, not having eaten, i was already feeliong them when the clarks came on stage. Left and hit up dad's wendy's around 8:30, had some chili, feeling a little tipsier Make it home alive at 11


    Don't wake up for class, go to work, skip physics, come home and crash

    The end to a perfect weekend
    Thank you Trooper S****** for making it great.....Fuck the Ohio State Patrol
    Catch ya on the flip side......

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