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Hazel (pleiades) wrote,
@ 2007-09-19 22:45:00
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    Current mood: recumbent
    Current music:Keep Talking - Pink Floyd

    Time out.
    This blog needs to hibernate. Will be back if/when it wakes up.


    There is
    one art,
    no more,
    no less:
    to do
    all things
    with art-

    Do-it-yourself grook

    Go on a starlit night,
    stand on your head,
    leave your feet dangling
    outwards into space,
    and let the starry
    firmament you tread
    be, for the moment,
    your elected base.

    Feel Earth's colossal weight
    of ice and granite,
    of molten magma,
    water, iron, and lead;
    and briefly hold
    this strangely solid planet
    balanced upon
    your strangely solid head.


    We ought to live
    each day as though
    it were our last day
    here below.

    But if I did, alas,
    I know
    it would have killed me
    long ago.

    - Piet Hein

    For a great collection of more such grooks, please click the link.


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No, it does not.
2007-09-20 00:45 (link)


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Re: No, it does not.
2007-09-20 02:00 (link)
Thanks a lot for dropping by. :) I don't think I remember you commenting around here before.

And well... it does, in all honesty.

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Re: No, it does not.
2007-09-20 07:49 (link)
I don't remember if I have commented here before either, but I have read every single post and each one at the poetry blog too. I had once mailed you about your poetry reminding me of Emily Dickinson but that was many moons ago.

You went away for a very long while. It was really nice to have you back.
I do hope that this time it is a matter of 'when' and not 'if'.

Take Care.


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Re: No, it does not.
2007-09-20 09:31 (link)
Hey, I remember your mail now. You were way too kind.

Checked your blog today after ages as well. It has been made reader's only. Thought of doing something similar with this one, but blurty doesn't allow such restrictions. Might just migrate to blogger or LJ once I get the kind of time to transfer all the posts.

It felt nice to be back as well, but not the same. I think this space has reached its maturity. Time to let go of it, like one does a grown up child.

Take care and hope to bump into you again some time, some other place, maybe. :)


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2007-09-20 12:11 (link)
ahh ... :)
so be it ... was fun while it lasted..


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2007-09-20 15:14 (link)
As long as it was fun, am glad. :)

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Air Force Ones
2010-11-17 22:23 (link)
Happiness depends on our attitudes to life. This year we start with True Happiness.

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