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PLAYGIRL (playgirl1020) wrote,
@ 2004-08-24 01:36:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:LInkin Park - My December

    Hear Me Lullaby
    Unspeakable Lullabies

    Through the acts of pain I’m hurt again. Through looking in your eyes the love you no longer extend.
    To help me find the way to live for the future and put the past yesterday. I long for what you now don’t give, the passion, emotion that I strive for to live. As time goes by and still I try to find out why I hurt inside. No longer do I have an answer to the questions that haunt my forever. Please turn away your self love, and come back and save me from eternal pain. I am sinking so deep into an eternity, please come save me, please come save me. Through your acts of materialistic love, you have sunk deep within. How are you to escape it now? The evil that takes the place of your reality. What you lack is self reliance, depending upon others to take away your pain. By doing this now, my Lullaby, you send out vibes so vain. Your only way to happiness is the allowance of self realization. It’s up to you now, my Lullaby, to change our tomorrow. Full fill our hearts with wisdom and understanding, please no hurt and please no sorrow. Hear me, my Lullaby, don’t block my words from your heart. Allow yourself to listen and seek out yourself a new start. By shutting out my whispers to you, you shut out me completely. The actions you decide to pursue, deepens the knife you placed into my heart. Please understand, my Lullaby, through me you have a sunrise to a brighter tomorrow. Don’t allow the sun to set on us, my Lullaby, chances you may never get a hold to strengthen again the Stars at night, and allow the whispers to become silenced. Please don’t fade my shining horizon, though day by day you set before me. Allowing yourself seperation, you allow yourself never to be restored within my sky. Please, my Lullaby, realize the ache that you are sending upon, through acts of selfishness. You will one day realize, my shining horizon will not set, but your whispers to me will rest. And when you, my Lullaby, come before me numbered tomorrows, please expect no guilt, no repentance, no remorse for your past regretful sorrows.

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2004-09-03 22:11 (link)
ur just like her so get over it.

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