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~*CoRiNnE*~ (platinumpixey) wrote,
@ 2004-07-16 23:32:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Orgy- Make up your Mind!

    Not getting any better!
    Well not much has happened really...Ok that's a lie a little bit has happened to me!

    Sarah is exploring Europe right now, the girl is 17 and get's to have fun in another country already :( No fair...LoL
    I am 20 soon to be 21 and have only been just out of Pennsylvania 5 time's, 3 time's to NY city and Twice to Va Beach....God my life sucks! :blackeyed:
    I just can't wait till she get's back so I can get to know her better! :D

    Well let's see what interesting stuff has happened to me lately, I went to get my birth control filled today and well after the past few days it took me to get a hold of my Dr. Office for my refills I finally get a hold of them. I go to pick them up when I got off at work and there telling me that my insurance doesn't cover them (When I have gotten them covered before) and that I have to pay full price for them if I want them. Fuck that I do not have $35 extra a month to afford them. I will stick to no sex and use a condom if I want some from now on till I find out what the hell happened to my insurance! I could no believe that. I have the Access card if any one knows what that is....and the only thing that I could think of is that they cancelled my insurance on me because they had a scheduled date for me to come in for an appointment and I couldn't come in because they didn't give me enough time to take off from work and I was working that day. So since I never went to it I think they cancelled it on me and that really sucks! Grrrrrrr :mad:

    Well on another bad note about a total of a half an hour a go I went to pick my boyfriend up from work and my FUCKING BRAKES WENT ON MY CAR!!!!! I thought I was out of fluid so I checked that and I really couldn't see and I was pissed off at this point so I just added some till it looked like it was full. Well the hole way up to get him all I was thinking about was please stop, please stop, please stop. I made it up there fine, thank god......and when I got some light I check my fluid again and it was fine, but still hardly any brakes. So I look under the car to check on the brake line that went the last time from rubbing against the shocks and it looked like it was leaking again, but it was hard to tell because it was raining all day and the ground was still wet. I just hope that's the problem and nothing more, because I really can't afford it to be any thing else. Even though I have extra money hidden incase of this stuff happening it still sucks.

    The only good thing I have coming to me that will be good is this Sunday I'm going to Knoebels with my boyfriend and I can't wait because I haven't been there in like 4 yrs and also this will be my first time to an amusement park with my boyfriend. The only thing I am worried about is the way the weather has been with all the rain lately, I hope it's at least nice for Sunday for me! But with my luck it will be shitty and it will suck! :blackeyed:

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2004-07-26 21:41 (link)
that is sooo sweet that u want to get to know me better and that u put it in here lol thanks i would like to get to know u better too we need to hang out more than seeing each other when one is working lol MUAH bye bye


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