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~*CoRiNnE*~ (platinumpixey) wrote,
@ 2004-06-02 10:34:00
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    Current mood: sad

    I have No Emotions left.........
    Well something very Tragic just recently happened to me *sighs* and I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, but I think everyone will understand when I explain to you what happened. :(

    On Friday I was working at Wally World (aka- Wal-mart) I wasn't feeling much like my self all day, like I knew something was wrong, very wrong to begin with. What I didn't know was that something was wrong and did happen.

    Well I was on my lunch brake in the smoke room having a smoke and one of the kids I work with I also graduated high school with came in. I should have known something was wrong by the look on his face when he came in. Well I didn't think any thing of it I just figured he was having a bad day that day. Well since I didn't think any thing of it I was continuing to talk to one of the other associates there and then all of a sudden he called me over to his table and just by the look on his face I knew something was wrong. I sat down and he asked me "Have you hurd about Carrie Martin?" (We both went to school with her) With a blank look in my face because I had no clue what he was about to tell me, "I said no, what happened?" Then he went on to say that she was Murdered last night (it all happened in the AM between Thursday and Friday)! I said "What?!?" "OMG!" my stomach just sank, I was in so much shock I couldn't believe it. He then went on saying that they didn't know what caused the death yet till they had her taken in for an obtopsy. I just couldn't believe that all this happened and to her at the most. She had her whole life a head of her, she was only 20.

    Then he also said to me "Have you hurd about Jeff Price?" OMG not him too I thought....The he told me he was also dead and that he was shot, but they didn't know if it was either Murder or Suicide. I couldn't believe all of this, so much was running though my mind I didn't know what to do. I couldn't function any more I just wanted to collapse.

    Then things couldn't have gotten any worse. When I came in to work on Sunday, the day went by pretty quickly well I was going on my last brake to have my smoke and I see every one standing out side the brake room and an Ambulance right out side our back doors. I was like what is going on? The one of the guys told me that one of the associates that works on my side just collapsed in the brake room and 2 of the associates had to give him CPR till the ambulance got there. Well when they were bringing him out on the gurney to take him in the ambulance he did not look good at all he was all blue and purple and I got a glimpse of his heart monitor and they were all shallow beats not good at all. After they took him we had a brief meeting that they would let us know what was going on with him. Well I was off at 3pm so I told JonL to let me know if any thing happened. Well I went to my friend Jessi house to talk with her cause she knew Carrie and Jeff so I went to make company and plus I wanted someone to talk to after what happend at work. Well wile I was there JonL called me.....She had told me that he Died on the way to the hospital. All that kept running through my mind was If I went to go on my brake 5 minuts sooner I would have seen the whole thing with him happen and I would have lost it. I keep thanking god that I got distracted when I did or I would have been ruined for life.
    They still don't know what caused his death. He was in about his mid maybe late 50's but still so young. The thing that up set me the most the only family he had in this area was his Mother. I was so heartbroken when I found all this out. He was so lonely and all he wanted was to make some friends wile he was there and then all this happened to him. I have like no emotions left. Every thing is frozen for me and it sux beacuse all I want to do it just cry!

    Another thing I kept hearing when I was at work when the whole thing was going on in the brake room was every one kept saying "Death always come's in three's!" I still don't understand that. I guess I never will.

    Why does this always happen to good people?!? *mad*

    Well I am going to go now I don't know what else to talk about so I'm outa here!


    Here are every Article and News Bulletin about Carrie! Read them if you would like to know what really happened to her!

    From our local News station-

    Homicide Investigation in Luzerne County

    Two Charged with Murder

    From one of our local newspaper The Timesleader-

    Police investigating Larksville death

    Obituary- Martin, Carrie

    Victim, stabbed many times, put up fight; suspect sought

    As she had lived, borne to a final rest

    From another local newspaper the Citizens Voice-

    Woman stabbed to death in Larksville

    Murder suspect still on the run

    Suspect still on the run; friends recall Martin

    Edwardsville man wanted in murder still at large

    Suspect still on the run; friends recall Martin

    Murder suspects well known by area police

    Cops: Murder victim fought until the end

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2004-06-04 08:29 (link)
thats sooo sad

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