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synthetic (plasticred) wrote,
@ 2003-03-04 22:58:00
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    Current mood:tralalala
    Current music:TV trash


    20030304 ■ Karen @ X 20030304;12:04-12:09pm
    Karen Kasumi rocks! "All good men are either gay or taken." Or something like that. ^^; Okay, that's not true all the time, but a damn good part of it. Ha ha ha. I like how her eyes turned out (eye, well, you can only see one, but saying "her eye" sounds strange) and it looks kinda...nice. I don't know. I'm not a very wordy person, as you can see. ^^; I think "bump" is a big word.

    She looks a bit...bitchy, or kinda condescending, almost...I'm trying to grasp a certain WORD here that I can't. I don't know what it's kinda creeping me out... It's like she, as the subject, is trying to get me, the viewer, to look deeper to find some other meaning to her expression. Or I just do drugs, which is very likely.

    Booya! Web1000 is still bitching, but I've updated my site, finally. Woot. I'm glad to get that done. I was going to update on Sunday, but my FTP couldn't access my files on Web1000, so yeah. Sometimes the site will work, and then it won't, yadda yadda yadda, it's really bitching, but Web1000 said they were just adding some new disk array. (Whatever that is.) Anyways, I'm glad to finally get it out of the way, and work on my layout for the summertime. ^^;

    Blah, blah, I had to sit through a boring presentation in school; the presentation was all about respect. It was so boring, I've lost respect for those who made it, and those who hired the ones who made it. Seriously. But that's not very important...I just needed to bitch a bit. ^^;

    "No recuerdo bien, pero recuerdo era la nina mala. De pequena, yo era muy maleducada y ruida. De pequena, lloraba todos los dias. Hizo preguntas tontas muchas. Me gustaba comer mucho. Yo dormia demasiado. Yo molestaba mi hermana, mis padres y mis vecinos. Yo molestba yo, tambien, y ahora, yo molesto mi familia y mis maestros. Jugaba con mis amigos imaginarios. Jugaba "Brain Surgery on Barbie" o escondite todos los dias. A veces, mi mama, mi hermana y yo ibamos al parque. De pequena, peleaba con mi hermana todos los dias. Mi hermana ganaba a menudo. No me gusta los dibujos animados porque no se. Pero, veia la television todos los dias porque no se. Leie los libros con mis amigos imaginarios todos las noches. Me portaba mal en la escuela. Era maleducada y tonta en la escuela. Me peleaba con companeros de clase en el patio de recreo. Yo no gustaba jugar en el patio de recreo porque los companeros de clases no me le gustaron." <-- My Spanish homework.

    A rough translation --> ( scroll down )

    I don't remember well, but I remember I was a brat. When I was little, I was very rude and loud. When I was little, I cried/bitched everyday. I asked lots of dumb questions. I liked to eat a lot. I sleep too much. I annoyed my sister, my parents, and my neighbors. I annoyed myself, too, and today, I annoy my family and teachers. I played with my imaginary friends. I played "Brain Surgery on Barbie" or hide-and-seek everyday. Sometimes, my mom, my sister, and I would go to the park. When I was little, I fough with my sister every day. She usually won. I didn't like cartoons because I didn't know. But, I watched TV everyday; I don't know why. I read books with my imaginary friends every night. I behaved badly in school. I was rude and stupid at school. I fought with classmates on the playground. I didn't like playing on the playground because my classmates didn't like me. ^^;

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2003-03-21 03:11 (link)
Yes. And she has an interesting spin on the 'demonic child' angst history for ONCE. ^^

Mind if I add you? (by the way, the Sara down below is....O_o )

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