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plastic fame (plastic_fame) wrote,
@ 2002-12-21 05:32:00
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    -waited outside in the pouring rain for 6 hours...yes i said 6 mother fuckin hours... cold and wet in the rain..but we had fun times i guess..some random girl came up behind me and grabbed my ass cause i commented on her hairy being pretty i thought that was silly...and a bunch of people coming up to me saying "HEY! i saw you on the internet!" lol.. silly msi community.
    -got inside finally.. got to take my soaked hoodie off that was niceness.. DonnyBrook played first...and they were stupid. like i knew they would be.. i saw Brett and Nick at the show. i havnt talked to them in a long time.. they found some random kid named jack in line.. and they happend to be standing behind me so i talked to them Jack was fuckin silly.. nick...was an idiot like he always was..and brett...was.. well he was brett i guess. i tried interviewing jack but he just kep yelling something about anal sex with his mom. and going on about his penis. it was silly gross girl was all trying to get in his pants he was a little scared i wouldve been too.
    -atom and his package was next..the guy was rather silly.. the death metal song was great heh... people started throwing quarters at him and he stopped and said "would you please stop throwing those at me?" made me laugh anyhow. then he was over with.. and just like every other time they were playing the left rights before msi came on stage...and nick being the idiot he was said "who's this?" and i gave him a weird look and said "msi side project?".. and then sean turned around and said "you need to leave right now" perfect. everyone makes fun of nick.
    -msi hit the stage... just most perfectness.. jimmy had his black/pink outfit looked so much better then the white stuff he had going on.. atleast to me anyway...and he didn't have his stupid was all in normal spikes. :] and his shirt said "give me money". they opend up with dicks are for my friends...good song of course.. they played everything i wanted them to play including, pussy all night!!! it was so great..i havnt' heard them play that live since the met cafe show. jimmy was making out with people was a great show <3. LynZ smashed her bass at the end of the set and i got a huge chunk of it.. it was coolness. everyone was all "yay!!" to me..heh. then i got my kiss from jimmy..went to go find LynZ.. and then to find kitty cause i can never usualy find her.. and then chatted with steve for a few secs..i had agood time.lost my voice and all..and got sick lol..but its all good... i hope i can go to the canada show... or the new cd comes out soon..cause yes.. i want it.

    and i really wish i went to the north hampton show..but yknow... wont go into that one...

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2003-01-05 04:03 (link)
i added you

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