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Jessiii (plaidspork) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 23:35:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:times-flashlight brown

    Did Yah Miss me? I'm thinking you did.. Yeah i guess its been a wile..I've been at the fathers home.. Today i juist got fed up and came home to my moms..Jordans back there so..theres no way i could stay.Hes a spoiled little shit and i cant stand gets really bad..I hung out with katie tonight we put some really crazy pictures from my party on my wall they look sooo crazy..But yeah friday night was pretty chillin..I got pretty high and did some other stuff i havent done before which wont be names cause it was kinda dumb.. but i was with sarah and Katie.. i havent hung out with sarah for a long was good hanging with her again.We talked about some stuff. it was okay i guess.I really dont have many friends anymore. it kinda sucks..but i'll live.maybe...ohh im talkin to trin now lol she just got home from work..iWHoah she just sent me this kid that liked her is so fucked.. he sent her this really werid e mail..hes there was this guy on the bus..and he kept singing to himslef .. it was good i think he would probaly be a really cool person.. Boys are too werid for me.. i give up for people really suck gunna go for now..

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