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Pladvato (pladvato) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 17:47:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:Fall out boy - the pros and cons of breathing

    Hm, well I decided to have a journal on here because I am so bored right now and there is nothing else better to do. Finally, the masquers play is over more being an ox. In between shows was very amusing and very funny. Me, natalie, and julia acting like we were Mest and performing on stage. Very fun times. Then I headed to the afterparty with some people. The party was interesting...ill say that. People everywhere, food everywhere. It was pretty fun though, other then stepping in a puddle of soda with no shoes on. Well afterwards I had natalie, brooke, and tone sleep over. We were gonna go out and play in the snow but we got too lazy so we spent the night watching the Mest dvd and on the computer listening to music. In the morning my aunt brought over her very cute but very hyper dog. Natalie was on a mission to calm the dog but got bit several times in the process (the funniest bite on her chin) After they left I just watched some tv, listened to music, took a nap, and that brings me to here. I really want to buy Mest tickets for next month but I dont know if my mom will take meeee. Danielle said she bought simple plan / mxpx tickets so I am pyched about that but a little nervous. Well now i am just talking to Tone and listening to some music and I probably bored you have to death but Ill write later I guess.

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