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Piveren (piveren) wrote,
@ 2007-08-25 00:05:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Korn - Evolution

    A moment of zen...?
    Ok its been a very long time sice I posted anything meaningful here so I have my doubts if this will ever be read, and it might not such a bad thing I suppose.

    This was part of a VERY lengthy discussion with Gareth... I was and still am very tired... but I found it an interesting perspective on mankind, its... our eventual future, and I suppose our place...

    It starts really geeky and hypothetical and gets all deep, I remind you that I was/am really tired typing this as I am now posting it... I really hope it make sense.

    [24 August 2007 22:42] Gareth: 3d space is so constricting :(
    [24 August 2007 22:43] Piveren: only because you have to share it
    [24 August 2007 22:43] Gareth: (with fat people)
    [24 August 2007 22:43] Piveren: with everyone and everything
    [24 August 2007 22:45] Piveren: i mean if you could move out of phase then you could pass through everything in the physical realm
    [24 August 2007 22:46] Piveren: kinda like being ethereal in dnd i suppose is the easiest way to illustrate what i am talking about
    [24 August 2007 22:47] Piveren: at least thats what in vision the 4d to be
    [24 August 2007 22:47] Gareth: fuck being an ethereal i'd settle for being a mage
    [24 August 2007 22:48] Piveren: that would be cool.... i would settle with druid i think
    [24 August 2007 22:49] Gareth: actually that's an interesting question, if you could be an adnd char in RL what would you be
    [24 August 2007 22:49] Piveren: i would fuck off on my own and watch man destroy each other and periodically drop cause a natural disaster or two to level the playing field and for my own a amusement and then disappear again
    [24 August 2007 22:49] Gareth: hehehe
    [24 August 2007 22:50] Piveren: also... high level druids... stop aging
    [24 August 2007 22:50] Piveren: live forever, always in the back seat of humanity working behind the scenes
    [24 August 2007 22:50] Piveren: could be cool
    [24 August 2007 22:51] Gareth: i imagine they just eventually get so old they blend into the ecosystem and fade away
    [24 August 2007 22:51] Piveren: also polymophing dude... that would be awesome
    [24 August 2007 22:51] Piveren: i better get to demi god level then
    [24 August 2007 22:51] Piveren: haha
    [24 August 2007 22:53] Piveren: a mage would also be cool... invisibility and telportation conduration... raise the dead?
    [24 August 2007 22:54] Piveren: that could be fun.... rebuild the world, destroy technology and create some big beasties to keep it that way...
    [24 August 2007 22:54] Gareth: actually i don't think any class would actually be able to help you
    [24 August 2007 22:54] Gareth: i mean, you could be a bum and steal shit and do randomr tricks in a circus etc
    [24 August 2007 22:54] Piveren: haha
    [24 August 2007 22:54] Gareth: but in terms of actually helping with the problems we have these days, i dont think it owuld help
    [24 August 2007 22:55] Piveren: fuck the circus... hire yourself as glorified overpaid artillery
    [24 August 2007 22:55] Gareth: yay an advancement in warfare :(
    [24 August 2007 22:55] Piveren: true true.... druid has the best chance of that i think
    [24 August 2007 22:56] Gareth: i don’t
    [24 August 2007 22:56] Gareth: druids don't give a fuck about mankind
    [24 August 2007 22:56] Piveren: i mean for helping mankind
    [24 August 2007 22:57] Piveren: use major natural disasters to destroy infrastructure and cities and return the world to balance
    [24 August 2007 22:58] Piveren: sort of a cleansing... in the long run it would help
    [24 August 2007 22:58] Piveren: bring back a celtic/wicka religion based on karma and nature...
    [24 August 2007 22:58] Piveren: it would be all sweet
    [24 August 2007 22:58] Gareth: ah :) post-apocalyptic scenarios are awesome
    [24 August 2007 22:58] Gareth: yep, listen to Tool - Aenema... great song
    [24 August 2007 22:59] Piveren: hang on i might have it
    [24 August 2007 23:00] Gareth: it's the name of an album, as well as a song on that album that i'm referring to
    [24 August 2007 23:00] Piveren: got the song
    [24 August 2007 23:00] Piveren: listening to it now
    [24 August 2007 23:01] Piveren: haha
    [24 August 2007 23:01] Piveren: never really listened to the lyrics of that one
    [24 August 2007 23:01] Gareth: hehe
    [24 August 2007 23:02] Gareth: dunno if you'd actually like the style, but the theme is exactly what you're talking about
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Gareth: "some say a comet will fall from the sky, followed by meteor showers and tida lwaves, fault lines that cannot sit still, followed by millions of dumb founded dipshits..."
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Piveren: yeah its pretty clever...
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Piveren: oooo you want a mad song... try nightwish - ghost love score, get the live version.... or the whole album once its awesome
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Piveren: but get some head phones close your eyes and listen to it
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Piveren: so powerful... not on the topic at all but its awesome
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Gareth: and smoke up?
    [24 August 2007 23:03] Piveren: no
    [24 August 2007 23:04] Piveren: dont need to smoke up
    [24 August 2007 23:04] Gareth: hehe
    [24 August 2007 23:04] Piveren: its opera metal.... its pretty powerfull stuff
    [24 August 2007 23:04] Piveren: also.... i do like some tool
    [24 August 2007 23:08] Piveren: i mean i hate the bible, but it did have one thing in there that might be worth something and that is the bringing about an end of days and presumably starting over
    [24 August 2007 23:09] Piveren: the only thing that bothers me is that man would still eventually revert to the way they were eventually
    [24 August 2007 23:10] Gareth: fuck starting over
    [24 August 2007 23:10] Gareth: man is smart enough to grow from what they have
    [24 August 2007 23:10] Gareth: as long as we can stop breeding for the sake of it
    [24 August 2007 23:12] Gareth: seriously, one of the best novels in existance i think is diaspora by greg egan. in it one of the protagonists turns himself off because he has achieved everything he wants to and considers himself complete.
    [24 August 2007 23:12] Piveren: only true way to combat this is create a world in which they are not the selfish top of the food chain... bring in bigger beasties to balance the nature and man and keep them.... civilised and working in a relative harmony of sorts
    [24 August 2007 23:13] Gareth: pfft make man more humble and to recognise our own fragility if we fuck up our planet
    [24 August 2007 23:14] Gareth: but fucking up our planet would bring in an invisible hand to smite us just like another predator to pray on us
    [24 August 2007 23:17] Piveren: true... a clean start, new world new memories and a new predators to keep the little fuckers in check and we are on the way
    [24 August 2007 23:16] Piveren: key "reglious" ideals karma and nature.... and anyone caught creating another religion in which a single man or group begin to benefit it will be quashed... one set of "religious" ideals and man will have no real reason to wage wars
    [24 August 2007 23:17] Gareth: assuming we can all agree on those...
    [24 August 2007 23:20] Piveren: its simple karama... (dont fuck with other peoples lives, wives or property, do the "right thing") and nature (respect nature... dont fuck it up)
    [24 August 2007 23:20] Piveren: karma pretty much covers everything when you think about it
    [24 August 2007 23:20] Gareth: yeah but the boundaries get grey
    [24 August 2007 23:20] Piveren: don’t fuck up or expect to be fucked up?
    [24 August 2007 23:21] Gareth: it's not just yes/no, it's not even a continuous scale, there are many dimensions
    [24 August 2007 23:23] Piveren: i think thats while free will is great... we need a god willing to grow a pair and step up from time to time to maintain order
    [24 August 2007 23:24] Piveren: i mean... if there was really a god... then we are a science experiment that he left unattended for a few thousand years when he/she went on vacation... we got completely out of hand...
    [24 August 2007 23:24] Gareth: why maintain order? chaos is healthy
    [24 August 2007 23:27] Piveren: chaos is fine... my problem is more with how out of hand man can get and that we need to some extent be "maintained"... i don’t mind a few weeds in the grass lawn it keeps things interesting and less... plain, but a lawn of weeds?
    [24 August 2007 23:27] Piveren: like the world is today... its pretty fucked up
    [24 August 2007 23:30] Piveren: you might have a beautiful garden... but at the end of the day if its not tended to it will eventually get over run and go to the dogs
    [24 August 2007 23:30] Piveren: i suppose thats what i am trying to get at
    [24 August 2007 23:33] Gareth: you mean man is forcing somethig that is not natural?
    [24 August 2007 23:34] Gareth: that will always descend into chaos to create another system.
    [24 August 2007 23:34] Piveren: Yeah… wow I guess pretty much.
    [24 August 2007 23:35] Piveren: i bet the story would play out pretty much the same way with out it
    [24 August 2007 23:54] Piveren: when you think about it a garden... isnt strictly natural, but its beautiful all the same and I don’t think that mans true potential dosent lie in chaos and its ability to destroy everything
    [24 August 2007 23:56] Piveren: dont get me wrong to rise to such a point is somewhat impressive... but its not pretty... perhaps though that is nature... you look at it closly its not nessarily pretty either but we can be impressed by it?
    [24 August 2007 23:57] Piveren: perhaps travis was right "we are all part of the same compost heap"
    [24 August 2007 23:57] Piveren: we are what we are.... and thats it?
    [24 August 2007 23:58] Piveren: and that’s… really sad if that’s all there is?

    By the time I got to the end... yeah... I was left with a lot to think about... guess it leads us back to why are we here exactly?

    Who knows, what do you think...?

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2007-08-28 11:09 (link)
James, do us all a favour and stay away from politics.

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2007-08-31 23:41 (link)
.... not sure if it would be worth the effort to be honest... I would need something bigger to leave a real foot print on the history of mankind. lol

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2007-09-01 02:18 (link)

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2007-09-01 02:20 (link)
Magic.... but I can see how you might get the two confused.

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