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Chris Davies (pirateof07) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 02:19:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:the background music on jackass

    i think im turning japanese i really think so
    hey whats up, matt coe is over and were watching jackass that movie is hilarious. tonite we went and saw matrix revolutions, that movie is so awesome except for the end which really sucked, we were supposed to go out tping with matt picchietti but that asshole blew us off and went to see some movie, eh fuck him. i had way too much coke and i cant sleep. matt on the other hand is passed out on my futon. allright well im gonna change movies its billy madisson time the greatest movie of all time, later

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2003-11-18 20:02 (link)
What if I said I liked you... from reading your journal. Not like a stalker though, lol, we have a connection through friends. I'm probably just scaring you, ahah... but... I'll leave you alone! Oh... if you keep on searching you'll find the perfect girlfriend, I promise! Keep in mind that it's only the beginning of your high school life, and that people/your feelings will change (no matter how cliche that sounds). Good luck though!

P.S.... whats your fave Weez song? Mine is "Buddy Holly"... even though I have heard practically every song ever created by them. Rivers inspired me to play guitar.

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Re: ///
2003-11-19 21:45 (link)
my favorite song is deffinetly the sweater song but i have like five second favorites, el scorcho, buddy holly, photograph, surf wax america, and the good life

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Re: ///
2003-11-20 20:33 (link)
have you heard any of their b-sides or unreleased stuff? like Blast Off or Susanne? It's all so good

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