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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 21:46:00
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    Current mood: happy

    ...White lipstick smeared upon my bathroom mirror...
    Me And My Cracka Nichole(wilskinz) In Out Spice Girls Sing Alongs!!! : )

    xPiNK RiOT: la la la la la la la la
    tcefrepmi x me7: moo
    xPiNK RiOT: when your feeling sad and low
    xPiNK RiOT: we will take you were you gotta go
    tcefrepmi x me7: wow
    tcefrepmi x me7: thank you
    tcefrepmi x me7: lol
    tcefrepmi x me7: im bored
    tcefrepmi x me7: boo!
    xPiNK RiOT: lol
    xPiNK RiOT: im singing the Spice Grls!
    tcefrepmi x me7: sing more so i can remember what song your singing hmm
    xPiNK RiOT: ppl of the world spice up your life
    xPiNK RiOT: theres a line b4 that but ican only rember thje tune..
    xPiNK RiOT: ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    xPiNK RiOT: slap it to the left if your haveing a good time
    xPiNK RiOT: shake it to the right if yah no that yah feel fine
    tcefrepmi x me7: isnt it shake?
    tcefrepmi x me7: ah ah
    xPiNK RiOT: gooooo 'rooooouuuunns
    xPiNK RiOT: d
    tcefrepmi x me7: go roundddddd
    xPiNK RiOT: yeah
    tcefrepmi x me7: lol
    xPiNK RiOT: lol
    xPiNK RiOT: hahaha

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