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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 18:27:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:The T (2the) V

    ...My Name Is Number...#2...
    Well School is in 3classes in a row w/ kory and in gym class w/ kory...and my 1st thinger w/ nikole..and my last thingy w/ it's a really cool year!...:)...

    Friday i had Feild Hokey "try-outs" but uugh the busses got fucked up so i ended up waiting an hour 4 30 to catch the bus home and i was spose to call kory to go i finally got home at 5 o'clock... and i called kory.. and we decided to go out...

    We Went To Just For Feet First So She Can Get Running Shoes For Indoor Soccor... Then We Went To Staples To Get Thing For School...(Kory Being Kory Bought A BROKEN Binder! we went to the mall to visit Erie<33! at work!..and eat din din..and Ryan Came To Visit her 2..That Kid Is SEXTIFIED! lol. We Went To The Hollween Store and We Saw These AMAZINGLY AWSOME KICK ASS SUNGLASSES..and we had to have we did!

    Then We Went Over To Barns And Nobels To Get Books For I Got 12 days on the road w/ the Sex Pistols<3 and America...She Got Damage and The After life Which She Said She'll Lemme Borrow Cause I Was Gonna Buy It But there Was no Scence in BOTH us Buying It...There's This Kid who Worlks There Who Is BEYOND SETIFIED!...ooh man he makes me all happy...i THINK His Name Is Ian..not sure...cause when i went to look at his name tag he walked the other way : (....but ima go there more often Just for that kid..wooh was he sexy...and i was handing kory a book and he was walking twords me and i was staring at him and trying to hand kory a heavy ass book at the same time and i dropped it..and he smiled and was like "You All Right" And i was Like Yeah And Kory Was Like She's a Little "Morony" So Now Did I Not Only look Like A Clutz And MAke it Obvess I was looking At Him.. She Made Herslef Sound Like An Under Educated Idiot..ahahha..and we couldnt stop laffing..hehe..

    then i ended up sleeping over...and we made Patches Out Of Old Jeans That Say things Like "Please Don't Take My Cake"...."I <3 My Erie"..."Violet Purple" and i made one w/ my name... hehe we had fun..!

    RANDOM THINGY: Pix Of My Sunglasses Will Be In My Journal...ASAP!
    RANDOM LYRICS: He Never Thought That He Would Leave So Soon, Passed Out iN May, But Then Woke Up In June, Hanging Over July

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