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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 19:14:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:The Clash, White Riot

    I Lost My Cake And Ate Your's Too!!
    Well.. I Did Nuffin Since I Last Updated... But I Was Bored..And Went WTF.. Why Not?!.. Well.. I Gotted Invited To Korena's 'Block Party' Which I Think Is This Friday.. Me And Her Are Gonna Dress Up As PIRATES!!!! And Were Gonna Dig For TRESSURE!!!!.. haha.. Im A Loser She's A Loser..!.. At Some Point.. Were ALL Losers..!!..haha.. any who.. her whole family..(sibblings) Has "got it going on"... haha.. she's pretty, her sister's pretty, her brother is pretty cute(in his pix) and his voice is sextified... i finally get to meet him after almost a YEAR haha..i was spose to meet him a few times but it never happened and now im gonna shut up cause i dont wanna jinx myself!!.. lol..

    any who...well that's it then.. cause i have nuffin to write bout now.. lol..

    G.W. Made Me New Icon's In Both Journals.. My B.J. And El jay.. And i LOOOVEEEE Them Both..He's An Awsome Friend..And There's A Delay on The Walking Cause He's Got Pink Eye... Poor G.W. He's Lucky His Eye Is PINK a bad way pink!

    RANDOM THINGY: The Title Only Kory And Erin Will Get..(I THINK!?)

    RANDOM LYRICS: "I want someone 2 love A girl that when i think of Will put a smile on my face"

    ...If you own a brain and use it too You gotta know that I'd have a crush on you I'm a sucker for a Level headed girl With a pretty smile she's gots to have ideas, yeah, And she's gots to have style...


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2003-08-28 16:04 (link)
only YOU can properly handle the cake. or maybe me, I know how to handle the cake to you. So keep you cake unless you're sharing with me. Maybe kory wants some too. You can share the cake with kory, thats it. Cake is sacred, cake is yours, and only yours.

Nah im just messin wit ya. But I seriously did flip shit (woohoo!!! i said flip shit) when i saw the title.

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