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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 17:27:00
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    Current mood: weird

    I Haven't Typed In Here Like REALLY typed In here in a While...and This Time is no Diffrent..I Have Nuffin To Write 'Bout...

    oh..i Saw Grind..haha..FUNNY was soo..funny..and the one kid some kinda the kid sweet lou..WHAT?!..he was ugly..and gettin' with all the chicks..i would have fucked eric..SCREW SWEET LOU!!!..i missed the very ima go see it again soon..

    I Read other Ppl's Journal's and there all interesting...or at least something toread...and they have lives and acully do stuff..unlike me..i fail to make an effort to go out and do shit..or i make an effort and get turned down.. so i think thats why i fail to make the effort..cause ppl tend to say no or ignore me...but w/e..haha..schools like 2weeks away my summer was a waste and im still a virgin...+claps+...but i think i have more of a chance to be "de-viginized" during the school yeah..Dont Get Me Wrong Tho...By Reading that...i wanna be a was just like a joke...only serton ppl would get me...any who...

    my nikole is gone...but i dont think she's my nikole any more..cause like her journal say's how she missed "Kory Kim Ryan Nathan John" mention of me and her info say's the exact same mention of me..!?..thats just fucked..specially when im spose to be one of her "best friends" but w/e...i guess i was asking to much or whatever...i don't even no who my friends are..

    in other new?...Less than Jake...and Yellowcard..REALLY REALLY...gotta get tickets..and there's gotta be another way that fuckin Y100?!?!...ok

    well ima go...write later if anything "exciteing" happens....

    RANDOM LYRICS: "Safe In Here From All The Stupid Questions "Hey Did You Get Some?" Man That Was So Dumb"

    I Need FRIENDS... I need A LIFE

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hey mumseis!
2003-08-20 23:28 (link)
im ur friend ur the person i hang out most and in one of ur surveys u said i was the person u hang out with the most and when im with u i have a awesome time so i must say we are great friends were tight like biker shorts!

<3 ur <3ing son billy

ps.if any of u r reading this and ur not jess my mom can kick ur moms ass

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