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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 22:21:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:The Phone..and My Head...RINGING!

    ....WARPED TOUR!....
    I Went To warped tour with Nicole(ssm) WOOH!!! We Had Fun!! was awsome....Besides the fact that I Came Home Smelling Like B/O, Liquor, Black & Milds, Weed, Ciggarets, And Cheap Men's Colonien(sp?)....

    Ok well When We Got There We Kinda Just "wondered"...and looked at the times and we walked passed one of the Vans tents and some guy was pointing at me so i was all GRR...cause i hate when ppl staire and point makes me mad!!!..So we Just Kept Walking And He Stopped me and was Like "HEY HEY HEY..!..Do you mind if we take a picture of your feet we like your shoe laces.."and i was all.."WOOH!!!...SURE!"...hehe..and nicole was like "you should get something free man"...and next thing you no he's handing me a black Vans Star Wife Beater..I was Like WOOP!..not only did ppl take pix of my feet..i got free stuff..who DOSN'T Love Free stuffs!?! uuh...then we walked 'round saw some bands and went inside and the dude was like "AAR AND THE USED SINGING THIS AFTER NOON.." blah we went over to look right..and there like buy a CD Garentee spot in line..and i bought a used cd/dvd..seeming i didnt have it yet..but if i REALLY Wanted it i woudl have gotten it but i was like w/e i got a free shirt so i'll buy it and all..and meet the used (sure enuff bert got they cancelled...THANX YOU STUPID PRICK!!) then we walked round somemore i had funn in the pits..effin ppl up..and crowd surfing..i HOPE nicole had i forget what band it was..but i Found $20 bucks i was all..WOOH HOO! at the end of the night i boutght a Rancid Shirt...For $10...and uuh while me and nicole were "aim-lessly" "wondering"...I Dunno how..but htis Drunk Guy Just Started Talking To he was cool..and we were talking to him 'bout the bands and Less Than Jake or w/e..and he was pissed he missed Rancid so we were talking to him or TRYING to talk to him....and uumm...then he's like where's the Rancid tent and were's the stage LTJ's playing on..and we were trying to tell him..but he just DIDN'T understand...So were like buy us a drink and all this stuff's..and his friend either wasn't drunk enuff or TOO drunk..and was like you's give me money for drinks for you and a beer for me..and i'll buy were like no no no... but the one guy was like no no i'll do it blah blah...and me and nicole wanted the Guitar he's like blah ill buy you's beers and were all like no no i dont wasn beer and he's like alright what you we got him to buy us it after we showed him..and he did his Drunken Bitching at the guy..hehe.(who works the Rancid Tent) took me and nicole a WHILE to drink's a whole lott and were small shared...Since we Got Lotts Of DRinks (water and what not) From Random Kids We Decided to Share...So We Gave Like a Couplr Guys Drinks..and Val Caro And Sharon..and Alisa And Johanna....Gotta Be Nice and Share The was FUNNESS.....The Bands ROCKED....Check Out Like Nicole's LJ..or something maybe she has more details in it??...if i remember serton things..i'll up date...but i got a bitch of a headache...and ah...shizelnazzel's....write later...Buh bye...


    Lobe Always,
    [x] Me [x]

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