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SaMMiE* (pinkkissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 23:19:00
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    well sunday i got dropped of at sashas and we went to wet n wild and met kreg and ryan there and we had so much fun hee hee!!! but sas got her cellie stolen!!! but she got a new one!! :)!! and we got picked up at 10 and gave kreg and ryan a ride home!! fun fun!!!


    i woke up at 4:30 and got redy 4 cheer! and then at 6 i had cheer and it was a and after cheer amanda picked me up from my house and we went to the SuNcOaSt and we met jeff there....but first we ate!! then while we were eatin we saw p.j scott mikey and pat and said hi! then we went to see BaD bOyS 2 and it was relly good!!! but it didnt get out till 12:30 so my daddy had to come pick us up!!! then he took us back to amandas house and we busted out her N64 and played 007 and mario cart!!! lol! then we put on these hella tite face masks and r faces were green lol!!! then we watched never been kissed and fell asleep around 4:30


    me n manderz woke up at 6 in the mornin lol and then fell back asleep...but then we woke up at 11:30 and had a peice of toast! then we walked to ashleys house even tho she is outta town cuz i wanted to c gramma and grampa and vickie!!! so we talked to them 4 a while then vickie gave us a ride home! then we did each others make up and took pictures hehe and then we made mini pizzas and watched even stevens and sister sister! and i tried to teach amanda how to swing dance!! then we showed each other r cheer stuff and everythin!!! then we went back in amandas room and played more video games cuz were dumb like that! then amandas dad drove me home and my daddy took me to target to get sum stuff and i came home and had a relly bad tummy ache so i layed down and then i felt better!!!!

    p.s im goin to sanfransico on thursday!!!!

    cmmnt pleeze

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2003-07-24 01:09 (link)
thanx babe x0x0x

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2003-07-23 19:46 (link)
glad u had a fun time

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2003-07-24 01:11 (link)
lol yupp i did! thanx 4 commentin!! <33 ya!

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2003-07-26 00:57 (link)
i love sammie so freakin much!! shes gonna be the momma of my baby!! hehe luv u babe! xoxo-julie

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2003-07-26 01:03 (link)
haha i love julie so much!!!!!! Im her babys mamma! heehee luv u 2!!! <33 sammie

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