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SaMMiE* (pinkkissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 19:09:00
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    Current mood:freaky
    Current music: fabolous n ashanti-so into u


    went to the movies with ryan then we came back and swam and ate fries and mini pizzas!!! heehee and we played with the bunny!! lol then i did nuthin!!! o yesh!! lol


    i woke up at 3 and then talked to pauly and julie 4 a while...then i went and bought kristin my cheer coach a happy meal and then went to cheer...then i came home and had a couple ppl over ::wink wink julie:: and then i talked to ryan and doug on the fone till 4 and then i watched fresh prince and went to sleep!(on the floor!!)


    woke up at like 10... then talked on the fone 4 a while and then ryan and doug came over and we chilled in my room and played go fish and bullshit and speed!!! and i won at bullshit n i beat doug in speed!!! cuz like i am the best lol!!! n then we walked to mcdonalds and doug poured water all over me!!! icky poo! n me n ryan were bootie bumpin hahah!! but then they left and i watched will and grace and talked to julie!!!!

    lemme luv guys i dun get enuff but sammi always comments n i luv her 4 that!!!!!

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2003-07-10 12:08 (link)

sounds like u had a good time..u woke up at 3?? omg thats rele late lol

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