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CHAN-AH (pinkjawbreaker) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 17:43:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:"Eternal Rest"- Avenged Sevenfold

    Circle pits not karate kicks
    Gym- SINCE there was PSSA testing today, I had gym for an hour. Yes, an hour. And we had to do the STUPIDEST challenge activity ever recorded in history. Me, Jess, and Christine were in a group. We had to hold onto this metal bar and we were unable to let go of it the entire time...well we had to go up on the balcony and throw 8 golf ball sized whiffle balls into tiny little baskets on the ground. And if that sounds easy, then you are sadly mistaken. Our group lost of course, so we had to do wallsits while holding the metal bar out in front of us, then running laps while we all held onto the bar, and THEN we had to do curl ups while all holding onto the bar. I hate gym.

    Study Hall- Yes. Then for PSSA testing we had an hour and a half long period of second and no third period. Second period for me is study hall. And I couldn't hang out with my friends because they all had testing. So I just sort of sat there with my head down. And Mr. Luckenbaugh(this one teacher who is a douche bag and talks like hes gay) came up and yelled at me for no doing anything. So I got really mad and said, "Just because you didn't get any in the ass last night doesn't give you the right to be a dick to me." He wrote me up. Oh boo hoo.

    English- Writing Lab. Dicked around for the whole class period. I swear I accomplish nothing in that class because its too damn hard to concentrate.

    Math- Got back our homework quiz. I got a hundred. Finally kind of learned what the hell he was talking about. Got help from Victoria as well. Go her!

    Lunch- Cheesesticks were shit today. Blah... Me and Victoria didn't talk much today. And I have established that I really do not like Carl Gallagher at all. He is a douche bag and he needs to learn who he should be calling a whore. Next time he says it, I'm going to throw my tea in his face.

    Channel One- Talked about last year with some people.

    World Civ.- Took more notes. Watched a movie on rats. Totally made fun of Gina Arigo for being a cunt.

    Gina- "Eww, that snake just ate that rat!!!"
    Adam- "Duh, it doesn't feel like World Civ., it feels like Science."
    Me- "Well I don't know about you Adam, but it feels like I'm in kindergarten!!"

    Mr. Null- "The reason wedding dresses are white is because it represents purity and virginity."
    Gina- "Well what if your not a virgin?"
    Me- "We already know your not a virgin, Gina, you fucking whore."

    Photography- Talked to Chris for awhile. Then went back to keep Cody company in the dark room. We made fun of the twats in my class and talked about how neither of us will have a good senior year because most of our friends are graduating before us.

    Science- Adamm really pisses me off. He's a douche and sometimes I hate him. Harley, well he's always like that so yea, it didn't bother me. But Adamm had no right to kick me and Aaron had no right to threaten to break my neck. Stupid bastards.

    On the way out- I was walking with Doug and Brandon when Mike Kesecker pushed Brandon out of the way and told him to move...So I did my rad soccer kick and nailed Mike's bookbag. He turned around and looked and took off running. I could have pissed laffing.

    I have business to attend to, thanks. So I will go...

    "I won't let me let you down..." - Descendents

    Go watch Sid and Nancy...its a good movie...cept for Nancy is annoying as shit...Kill her...

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