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Aynsley (pinkhair315) wrote,
@ 2004-05-05 20:34:00
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    i love it how all of you are so fake
    all my friends are turning into a cup of nothing.... i can see right through them and their fake.. and empty, i really dont know who my real friends and fake friends are, i cant minute their like my soul mate, the next their my enemy....who can i trust?? not many people anymore.. i thaught i could count on atleast one persno, but now she went and betrayed me too... but whatever, i guess im suppossed to not have friends

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2004-05-06 18:50 (link)
im so ur friend shut up true friends till the end motha fucka!!!! im sorry i didnt come back last nite i had to go but i love you really no lie i miss the hell outta ya . When i come back you me =spending day at the beach holla!!!!

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fake friends
2004-05-20 18:23 (link)
fake friends huh? thats an intresting and toutchy subject to personally i only have 2 "true" friends that i can count on no matter what,i have lots of best friends but i only "trust" my 2 "true" friends. thats the thing about it hears my thoughts you cant hardly ever let friends close to you these days cuse you never know if there gonna turn on when and if thay do you just have to forget about them like yesterdays news,then when thay realize that thay have made a mastake thay start calling you ect... it up to your decression weather you want them to still be your friend because thay turned on ya once whats to stop them from doing it you have to take into concideration the sevartiy of the situationis just an argument or did thay just start dating your ex boyfrined/girlfrined right after you guyes broke up, agen one extream to the other you just have to use your better judgement and analize the situation for yourself. just my 2 cents. best of luck

a friends brother

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Fake Homiees
2005-12-14 22:09 (link)
This Niggas switches up we cool i ask this mothafucka a question got a attudie he switches up we cool one day
and one day he gets a attudie got a Job think he better than me getting girls he think he better than me
BUT FORGET THAT NIGGA and everbody else

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