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Jamie (pinkglitterz) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 21:09:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:::Christmas Shoes::

    I didn't exactly know what to put for the subject cuz there is no subject ok? Well I just had a really long day! It started at like 5:33 am when my alarm was like ERRRRR EEERRRR ERRR. My mom left early so Sarah was my ride but they were late anyways so we just went to McDonalds for breakfast and we were TARDY. It was fun but I walked into my English class in the middle of a test and yah.. oh well. Then the hours went by.. blah blah and then we had a game. The team really sucked so we won. We suck too cuz we lost our best player but oh well. Hmm.. Then I sat around during the JV and Varsity game and was mad for no reason actually I do have a reason but ppl piss me off trying to bitch at me saying I have no reason w/e long story. OOOOOHHH and the funniest thing.. after our game in the locker room I was on the phone with my mom and she was pissing me off so then i went to hang up and pressed the wrong button and I was like stupid ass.. then she called back and was like I dont appreciate being called a stupid ass lol! Not that funny.. I know. Well after all that I went to McDonalds with Melissa and Pukah then home where I am now!

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