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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2004-03-18 11:49:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:"Carolina In My Mind" James Taylor

    You brighten up for me all of my days...
    It's official: I think we are stuck in eternal winter, like in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe." No more gray skies and naked trees and cold wind...give me sunshine and warm breezes, baby!

    Soooo two more classes today, and then my week is *over*! Mmm..glorious. Next semester won't be so glorious though. I have a MWF class at 9am! Eeeww. I figured out my schedule for next fall, and I suppose it's not too bad, minus that. I can't believe my first year of college is almost over. I have like a month and a half, then I am finished. Woah.

    Sadness though. My roommate Val has decided to transfer up to Northern Michigan next year. :( :( :( CMU doesn't have a nursing program, and that's what she wants to do, so she's leaving us. I am really sad, but she's gotta do what is right for her. Let's just hope the fourth person that Lis, Jen and I get put with next year won't be some crazy psycho skank or something. I already feel bad for this mystery chick, because she'll have to deal with us already having a year of memories. Oh well...maybe it will turn out to be a blessing to get this new girl, and she will be really cool. Qui sais?

    Otherwise, life continues on as normal. Haha, well last night wasn't really normal. There is this guy that Jen went to high school with who is a grade younger than me, and I saw him in her yearbook and was like "Oooo!" He's really hot, and she's like "Yeah, he's really cool, etc. etc." So now she's made it her mission to set us up. (Funny thing is, his name is Mike, and he's tall with dark hair. I'm sensing a pattern here....? Haha) She started writing this ridiculous email to him last night, because she wants to send him my picture or something. Anyway, this letter is so silly, so she's totally doing it as a joke. It's like "Caroline wants to see you in your hot and sexy boxers and a smile...and nothing else! She places worship candles around your picture and nightly sacrifices a virgin goat to your hotness. She loves getting massages naked..." and all this other crazy jive, then Lisa is like "Send it! It's funny!" and presses a button and it disappears. Both Jen and I flip out, thinking she sent it, but it turns out she didn't...phew! I would have been so horribly embarassed...beyond embarassed even.

    Ok, that's about it. Class in an hour. Woot.

    *air kisses*

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