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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2004-03-14 22:28:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:"Glycerine" Bush

    Way away away from here I'll be...
    Spring break is over. *sad sigh* It was pretty good overall, minus the nightmare-ish trip to Chicago. I would explain, but frankly, I'm sick of talking about it. It was lovely to see Britt and Johnny P. and my family though. Overall, very relaxing. Not much to say about that.

    I'm real tired right now, and kinda cranky, so instead of going into depth about stuff, I'm gonna list, mkay? Mkay.

    *"Holiday in the Sun" is truly the best movie ever. Woot.

    *"Woot" is my new word, courtesy of Teen Girl Squad.

    *Krispy Kremes are so delicious...I think that you should buy me some. Right now. Yep, right now. Off you go.

    *Being single is actually okay for me right now. I can be happy on my own. Seriously.

    *Prediction of the week: my voice will be gone in a few days. Blah. Stupid cold. Thanks Mom for passin' the little fella on.

    *My new sunglasses are very Jackie O. and I adore them. Can't wait till summer, la la la la la. I've decided I need to make a pact to myself to go to the beach more often.

    *I'm really f-ing tired of people IMing me when I have an away message up, and talking to me, acting like I'm here, and that somehow, I'm just *pretending* like I'm gone. It is really, really annoying. If you're going to leave me a message, leave me one. And if I say I don't want to talk, don't keep talking. Sheesh. Had to vent.

    Passing out soon. Leave me some love. And hugs and cuddly things. I need those.

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hey crabby pants
2004-03-15 15:20 (link)
you should not be cranky, this is not like you. haha. that's my job to be the bitch not you. :)
sorry we didn't get to spend more time together :( i wish you wouldn't have gotten sick, you coulda met the boys that i love oh so much. meh. it's 3:15 and i'm still in my pjs i supposed i should go get ready for school haha.
i miss cooper.

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Re: hey crabby pants
2004-03-15 15:35 (link)
haha my pants were rather crabby last night...

i wish i could have gotten to see you more too over break. poo on mommy for giving me her disease. oh well, hopefully, i'll be home in two weeks, then we can hang allll weekend b/c my family will be gone. woot. well, this is assuming i can get a ride home. anyhoooo, yes. that is all. well, almost.

this is random but remember in gulf shores, walking on the beach with the boys, and thinking there was a boat coming onto the beach and we're like "ahhh it's saddam!"...haha i don't know why i thought of that, but i did...yesterday. funny junk, dude.

hm. love you, miss you

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