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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 00:09:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:"Nothing Better" The Postal Service

    Here comes the sun, and I said, it's all right...
    Let's hope my fingers can stay on the keys, as they are currently a bit slippery from some lotion. Mandarin and's yummy, I recommend it...especially if you enjoy smelling like a smoothie. So it is the weekend. (Finally.) This week was hectic, to say the least, but this weekend will be a blast. We have our dorm formal tomorrow (!!!) so I get to dress up all cute, which is SO very exciting. I'm altering my prom dress from last year a little bit, and according to my roommates, I shall look oh-so-very "Sex and the City"...well, Carrie more specifically, which thrills me. Ok, yes I am obsessed with that show, and with her. Not in a creepy way...I just desperately would love to raid her wardrobe and steal her Manolos. Plus, about a thousand and two people tell me I look like her, so I gotta represent, right?

    Anyway, hmm...what else? Oh yes, Lindsey K. officially gets my vote for coolest friend ever. She met Switchfoot at their MSU concert, and the dear child got me a *signed* poster! Omg, I freaked out when she called, and told me. Linny, I adore you! And Switchfoot...especially Jonathan's brother...he's hot. :) Yay.

    I discovered last night that church really is full of hot boys. Not that that is why I go there, but it is a delicious perk. Last night, there were several. The one I've been eyeing forever, but have given up on, then another one I talked to, Josh, and then another one, a pure vision in a trucker hat, that I just admired from afar. His House is just splendiferous on all levels. Thank you God for beautiful men. It's odd, my type has typically been (at least in the past two years or so) tall, dark hair, and skinny-ish, like not really muscle-y. Funny thing is, two of the aforementioned boys are shorter, really short light brown hair, and muscle-icious. (But not overly...that is gross.) But hey, I won't complain. Types are overrated. The other boy was a bit more typical for me, tall, skinny-ish and had lighter tossled hair. Oh, how I love those boys with shaggy hair. Purely lovely. :)

    Wow. I am freak. I should go now before I ramble more about guys, SATC, or something else utterly pointless. No wonder my roomies mock the crap out of me. *I* should mock the crap out of myself. Night all, much love.

    *air kisses*

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