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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2004-02-13 00:23:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:"I'll be there for you" The Rembrandts

    You're dying to look cute in your blue jeans, but you're plastic just like i?
    Something is plaguing me. Through a conversation of our first impressions of each other with my roommates, all of them admitted that I came off as a "cheerleader," a "snob," and a"ditz." Then tonight, while watching "Never Been Kissed," they were like "You were one of the popular kids in high school, weren't you?" I was like, "Nooo, not really. I was" And they were all like "You would have never talked to us in high school if we had all gone to the same school, admit it." I completely protested that, but they were all like, "No, it's true! You were all off partying and getting with hot boys etc. etc. You probably wouldn't have talked to us, you would have only talked behind our backs about what dorks we were."

    Ok, may I remind all of you that I didn't have a boyfriend until the last semester of high school, I never drank until the last semester of high school, and I was friends with everyone, regardless of how "cool" or "uncool" they were. Honestly, this hurt my feelings to think that people, especially ones like my roommates who know me really well, think that about me. Am I really a pretenious, self-righteous snob? I don't think I am. I've always thought I've given everyone an equal chance, and that I'm a nice and friendly person. I really am worried now that they are not the only ones who see that in me. I don't want to come off to people as that kind of person. It's really something to think about...hmm.

    Night guys, I'll be home tomorrow for the weekend, so give me a call if you're in town.

    * tons of love*

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2004-02-16 16:42 (link)
What a bunch of Fuckers

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2004-02-16 18:17 (link)
thanks for being my knight in shining armor, and defending my honor. :) but really, don't yell at them. i think they were half-joking. well...i hope they were.

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