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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 12:26:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:"Behind Blue Eyes"~Limp Bizkit

    I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentions...
    *Sigh* I am really homesick right now. I'm eating a Ring Pop (very old school, very tasty) to try and curb my sadness, but it's not working. I was talking on the phone with my mom last night, and hearing her talk about everything that her and my dad and sister are just made me feel very lonely all of a sudden. I miss my sister a lot. I was used to having her up here last semester, but since she graduated, my only connection to home is gone. I want to call her up and be like "Come pick me up at my dorm, and we can go to Lil' Chef," but I can't. I miss you JoJo. I miss everyone else too, my parents, my friends especially. I hate getting thrown from life to life like this. Sometimes, like right now, the loneliness sets in so strong that I just want to cry. But I won't. I shall just sit here, eating my strawberry-flavored jewelry, feeling lonesome, and hoping that maybe this feeling will go away.


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ooh :(
2004-01-16 15:59 (link)
don't be sad hunny. i have like no friends here anymore except for sarah martin, so i kinda know what you're saying when you're lonely...i don't like that i have to drive atleast an hour and a half to see people. it sucks. you know what though? it's life. and as much as it doesn't seem like's good for us. sometimes it hurts...real bad, but that's what makes us stronger, and better people. i mean hell, even flamingoes have it bad, or, well, atleast they must...happy people (or flamingos) don't go around peeing on people's heads for no reason, ya know?

damn flamingos...

haha. ooh, smiling yet? :) you better be, bitch.

well you know i love you, just go see shawny, he's cute...he'll make it better..heh.


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Re: ooh :(
2004-01-16 17:38 (link)
ok you made me smile :) aww the damn flamingos. they have friends though, the diabetic penguins. yeah, i am fine up here, it was just a short bout of missing home. thanks for the encouragement though. i miss ya lots, but i'm glad you have martin to keep ya company. hope you have fun at msu, i love you.

and maybe i shall go find shawny...or matty...or eric...or adam...or any other number of guys who can comfort me. :)

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2004-01-16 18:51 (link)
it's normal to be sad as a freshman after your first christmas break. You grow up a lot in the time away from home, and then when you go back and it's so fun and everything, and it's like everyone's friends as well we family. And then when you go back to school after that time with your family, it's sad because you're alone and away from all of that. I know this is random, but I just wanted to let you know that I randomly read this and thought I would share my pearls of wisdom. It'll get better!

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2004-01-16 21:50 (link)
thank you for those inspirational pearls, whoever you are...:)

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