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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 22:21:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:sounds of the music, sadly

    I believe that lovers should be chained together, thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather...
    Made a little visit to the new MS75 tonight. It's actually really really nice. I liked it a lot. I saw some of the old JJM crew: Gerg and Nick, and some guy who apparently knew Brittany and I, but who neither of us knew. He was like "Sassafras! Cheese Curls!" I was like "And you are who?" Anyway, it was really good to see everyone, and it reminded me hardcore of this summer, but it was a happy rememberance. It was nice to know that you aren't forgotten, I guess. We also met up with Lauren and Dana, which it was good to see both of them too. Just sitting and talking, and stuff, it was just really nice. I missed all of that stuff the past few months. Sitting around, drinking coffee (or tea in my case), just being, all mixed in with the scent of Djaurms. I miss it, I really do.

    Anyway, not much else to report. Break continues on. I'll admit it, I'm not looking forward too much to the whole "going back to school" thing. Like I want to see people and whatnot, but Mt. Pleasant is just so boring sometimes. At least here, there is usually stuff to do. Oh well, I think within the next two weeks, I will be happy to be going back. It's like throwing myself from one life to another, and it's like right when I get used to one (school or home), I have to go back to the other one, and then I get used to that, then I go back again. Sometimes it gets exhausting and frusterating, but I've learned to deal with it.

    I also realized today that this is the first time in a long time that I don't have any boy attatchments. Like no crushes, no interests, no potentials, not even any measly exes to obsess over. It's nice, but at the same time, sometimes it just gets lonely and downright freaking boring. I wish I had something...anything. Yeah, new topic for me, right? Ha. I shall try to contain my further comments. All I can say is that Conor Oberst had the right idea when he wrote "A Perfect Sonnet." (See my entry title for slight details on's a smidge of the lyrics.) Ok well, that's about it. I shall talk to you all later, until then...

    *Hugs and air kisses to all* (Unless you're a tool, in which case, stop reading my journal...tool. Ha...wait, was that funny? Damn. Ok bye.)

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2004-01-01 19:43 (link)
yay for ms75, even though i almost got raped and mugged there last time i was there. bad location. bad bad bad. oh and that guy i wanna say his name is jake. yes yes, i think it is. so you were a little ho last night, psh. i was sad and lonely and now even lonlier bc i really, really have no one now. ya know what, fuck josh. :( or maybe not so much anymore...ahem. yeah. i'm hungry. damn mom won't get chinese food, i'm pissed. haha. talk to you soon love ya.

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2004-01-03 17:59 (link)
ok so i might have been a little bit of a ho...i was just having fun! anyway, you are smart for knowing what you need and don't need when it comes to guys, and i know you have the strength and sass (haha pun intended) to get what you deserve. :) love ya

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