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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 00:29:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:"Living in your letters"~Dashboard Confessional

    Don't let your life pass you by, weep not for the memories...
    So my first semester of college is officially done. My last exam was today, and I am now home free (ha) till January 13, I believe. Wow. Crazy huh? Only four more years to go...wooo, go Chips.

    So tonite, out of sheer boredom, I ventured onto, FHC's homepage that since the class of '03 left, has pretty much retired. (Yes, I was VERY bored...) However, I found myself watching old intros from morning announcements, and even Witty Dittys from waaaay back when I was like a junior. Yikes. (Don't worry Britty, when I saw Stevo in one of them, I called him a fuckface and closed it. Muahaha...) What's even scarier is that I found a very tiny, minute part of me missing high school. I never thought I would, but I almost do. How unusual.

    It will be nice to be home during break to see everyone, but now I am wondering, will I want to? I mean there are some people who I want to see, but others who I know will only paint on their sickeningly fake smiles, and pretend like we are still friends. To those people I say, no one likes you anyway, so stop pretending you like us. I want to see some people though, you know, those random people you find yourself running into in malls or grocery stores, and while you never were that good of friends and haven't really kept in touch, you are still glad to see them, and hear about their lives. You always hear that coming back during Christmas is weird after your first semester of college. I just hope it's not TOO weird. Hopefully college hasn't stolen every ounce of normalcy in my life. Well, to those of you I actually want to see, I can't wait to see you. I'll be home Saturday, early evening-ish so give me a call if you want. (That is, assuming you all still remember my phone number.) Hurrah! Much love...

    Oh, and to stupid boys who say that they will do something with you the nite after you talk to them, and that they will call you back...they lie. Rawr...

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2003-12-11 13:46 (link)
I is so weird coming home. There are very few people that I truly wish to see. There are just so many that were never close friends of mine. It is weird to see them and hug them and say ooh hi how are you how is school...and all of that small talk. I feel like a totally different person since I left home in late august. It is hard for me to come back here now. I feel like I don't really have a place in gr anymore. That could also be in part because no one is here now except for itty bitty who I haven't hung out with enough because we are both really busy, and the cc kids. I refuse to do the whole freshman in college hanging out with high schoolers. I have been home for two and a half weeks now with no one around from college. It has been pretty boring around here. I am excited for everyone to come home..but really i miss chicago a whole lot. It feels so small here. Give me a call when you get back home 745-4126


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2003-12-11 14:26 (link)
well, despite the weirdness, i am looking forward to coming home. christmas time, yay! :) i'm such a little kid about christmas, it's funny. anyway, i will give ya a call when i am home for sure, and we can do something. poor dana, stuck in gr with nothing to do. well, i will talk to ya soon. looove...*

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2003-12-12 13:16 (link)
hey whats up?? maybe i'll see ya over break!!!

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Re: dan
2003-12-12 21:51 (link)
dan dan the nakey man...aww :) thanks for the comment, if you wanna do anything over break, definitely give me a call @ (616)682-0553. it would be fun. anyway, talk to ya later

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