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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 17:40:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:"Sharp Hint of New Tears"~Dashboard Confessional

    All we ever need is each other...
    I AM: practically coughing up a lung...yum
    I WANT: to snuggle with blankets and hot chocolate and a cute boy
    I HAVE: a CD alarm clock player thing that finally works! Weee!
    I WISH: that everyone gets what they want for Christmas (or Hannukah or whatever)
    I HATE: dorm food (I am getting real sick of it)
    I MISS: simplicity
    I FEAR: the talking Gizmo that Jen's frickin' freaky
    I HEAR: the humming of my computer
    I SEARCH: for a Kleenex...stupid cold
    I WONDER: as I wander out under the sky...sorry, Christmas time makes me talk in song lyrics :)
    I REGRET: smoking that one ciggie on first in two months, and it made me more, ever
    I LOVE: Playdoh....Jen is doing an art project, and I am having way too much fun stealing her Playdoh and mushing it's great fun, lemme tell ya
    I ALWAYS: am welcoming to free back massages :) Kinda want one right now, as a matter of fact...any takers? Yes? No? Ok...
    I AM NOT: easily pushed around...I am most certainly my own person
    I DANCE: on the way back from the dining commons...scared some girls last night...oops
    I SING: along to everything...even with headphones on...again, scaring people probably...
    I CRY: at anything involving mentally or physically challenged people...they are just so cute and try so hard with everything
    I AM NOT ALWAYS: calm...I freak out about stupid things
    I WRITE: what I feel in my heart
    I WIN: not a lot...I kinda suck at games
    I LOSE: my money...wait, no I don't...I just spend it too much...oops :)
    I CONFUSE: people with my jokes...they make no sense sometimes to anyone but me (and maybe Britty)
    I NEED: a back's decided...hmm, perhaps I shall find someone to accomplish that
    I SHOULD: start my Public Speaking paper so I am not stuck doing it tonite at like midnight

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