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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 02:03:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:silence, but the nice kind

    Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserveres, love never fails...
    Today was an "Anne of Green Gables" kind of day in room 211. I hadn't seen those movies in a long time, and at the end of "Anne of Avonlea," I found myself tearing up when Anne realizes how much she loves Gilbert. (Yes, dork, I know.) When she goes to his bedside when he is sick with scarlet fever, and he says how he's cancelled his wedding to this other girl, he looks at her, and says softly, "There would never be anyone for me but you." I found myself longing for that kind of happiness in my life, and my heart absolutely melting inside itself when I realized that love, in its deepest and truest form, doesn't change over the years.

    Who doesn't want that kind of love? The kind where you can't remember a time before you loved that person with everything that you hold inside. Maybe it's old-fashioned and romantical to think these starry-eyed thoughts, but I still believe in the purity and goodness of love. Despite all of the bruises and marks people have put on loving someone, and made it into something that only lasts until you get bored, I still believe that the world holds true love for everyone. You just have to believe in your heart of hearts that it is waiting for you, and that God will bring that person to you when you both are ready. Maybe right now love hurts, and it's hard to believe that anything but pain can ever come from it, but something inside me won't give up on my dream-like ideals. I never want there to be a day when I don't whole-heartedly believe that there will always be something that minds cannot explain, that love is magic, and that magic like that indeed does exist. I always want to think that all the wrong turns and bumps and detours in the road of life are only preparing us for the exquiste beauty and perfection that come with finding the kind of love that makes us alive. Love may not be perfection in logic, but in heart, I believe nothing in the earthly world is more perfect. I will always believe with my whole heart that "when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears." I need to believe that that kind of love still exists, otherwise, the world has become a much colder place than I can bear. Call me a romantic and sappy optimist, it's a title I accept willingly, and with a smile. I enjoy my dreams; who wouldn't? I will always live in a beautiful world, even if I am the only one who sees its beauty.

    Hmmm...well good night, my loves. *kisses*

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2003-11-29 17:28 (link)
d&w doesnt like you

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2003-11-30 22:05 (link)
um okay...that is kinda sad. i still have love for D&W, buut apparently there is no love left there for me...hmm

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2003-12-01 14:33 (link)
ok someone apparently likes to leave evil, anonymous comments on our journals and i'm starting to think, wow, i'm glad i'm not retarded like them and i actually have a life and people like me, rather than sitting on my ass reading people's journals and mocking them because they don't have a life or friends. ....actually if i had time i might do the same thing. hahaha. jk. no, really, i was...

mehhh why did you lleeeeave again? why is joshy a dickhead? :(
miss you.

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2003-12-01 14:36 (link)
meh, trust me, i didnt wanna leave....and yes, people with too much time and who do silly things like that are retarded. but so am a different way though...i'm just goofy-retarded. here i am, back to exams and school and blah...home for a month will be very nice :) i am sorry that joshy is a dickhead...he should be beaten and poked with the other joshy...must be something with the name. you, miss you

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