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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 01:21:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:"Love Shack"~B52s

    Girls just wanna have fun...and we did!
    So tonite was the kick-a '80s party at Sigma Tau Gamma. Not usually a frattie fan, but Jen invited me along with her, and her friends Oliver and Tiggy, because they were going with a bunch of girls from color guard. The pre-party was a little awkward, just a bunch of people getting drunk, but some parts of it were hysterical. These people were really cool, I have to say I respect how they conducted themselves, and they were really nice. They weren't sloppy, they drank in one place before they went anywhere, they weren't all messed up and outta control, and they made sure they had DDs before going anywhere. Those girls were tons of fun.

    Ok, dressing up for the '80s party alone was the best. I got invited along at the last minute, but I threw something together and it ended up being soooo cute and fun. You all know me, I love the '80s, and I swear, I was born in the wrong era. Most of the stuff I was wearing was stuff I wear every day anyway. It would have been so awesome to have been this age in the '80s. I mean, the music alone-freakin' amazing. Anyway, we finally got to the party, and as any good '80s chicks, we got the party started by dancing like crazy, and singing at the top of our lungs. I haven't danced that much in so long, and it was the best. I forgot how much it is to just let go and dance and just have fun: no drama, no boys even. Just a bunch of girls dancing together and having fun. I don't know if I've ever been to a party sans drama. It was really good times, so yay. It filled up pretty fast. There was some weird guy who kept dancing near me and staring at me, but finally, he left, so that was good. We find out later that someone has pooed on the couch behind us. It was disgusting. They took the couch out, and were offering $20 to anyone who knew who did it.

    We all ended up going outside to sit on the steps because it was a tad toasty, and this random guy walks up and starts talking to us. Hooooly crap, was he hot. Like super hot. Like oven-mitt hot. (haha roomies) He kept telling us he was 16, and was like "I'm just really smart, blah blah..." We got to talking, and he was like "My birthday is September 10." I was like, "That's my dad's birthday!" He was like "Your dad is 16?" I was like, "No, his birthday is just September 10." He was like "Oh ok, so is mine. Here, I'll show you." So he gives his license to me, after refusing to give it to anyone else, and STUPID STUPID ME, I just look at his birthday, and not his friggin' name. Turns out he's 22, and I guess he's only a junior, but will be here for another year and a half. Then we have to leave because Oliver wanted to go, and Tiggy had to pee. So I pat him on the shoudler and was like "It was nice talking to you, Van Wilder." (you know, bc he's gonna be here for so long...yeah) and he's all like "Whaaat?" Then we leave. So I still don't know his name. And he went into the party after we left. Crap crappity crap crap crap. I am mad at myself. Jen, Oliver and Tiggy were all like "WHY DIDN'T YOU LOOK AT HIS NAME???!!!" I really should have. They just don't make guys this hot very often. Mmm...:)

    Anyway, my generation switch for the night was absolutely loads of fun, and I think it should be mandatory to have one every weekend. I would love it. I miss dancing. Ok, I shall see most of you soooon, turkey time is almost upon us. Lotsa love...*big ole hugs*

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2003-11-22 08:13 (link)
no offense but even though he's really hott, he sounds reallllly stupid. lol, idk if you like that in a guy but at least he's hott! sounds like you had a blast! luv~ash

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2003-11-22 11:55 (link)
haha yeah he probably wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but he was hot. it was a nice distraction for the night. :)

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2003-11-22 16:20 (link)
Okay Carol-Anne,
Well, I kinda feel bad for all of your other friends and other peeps who may read this bc they i know will not care! So if you don't know anyone named KARLE don't bother yourself with reading this...Anyway I dont' want to create a blurty but i'm kinda super bored of reading all about YOU!! ah ha ha although it does highly entertain me for many a moments through out this last semester at state. SO i though i should write you a little love about what's going on here at STATE (HOLLA!!)

Okay; as you should know i moved away from "Ugly" and am chillin out with my State Best Friend Mary C. Mary is totally kick ass and she is my girl. Every time she's describing how she feels and shes' like "ya know what i mean?" i'm like "HELL YEAH!! I know EXACTLY what you mean!" It's really cool and we are just so much alike it's SUPER FUN! So we hang out with Peter and Ted (who went to school with Mary) and Ryan and Corey(the boy) (who both met Peter) And i have spanish class with Corey (the boy) who is in the Spartan Marching Band (SMB) So i have lots of guy friends here and that's super fun - bc as we all know girls can be catty and that's just annoying as shit sometimes! So, Ted is super cute and i have a mega crush on him! ha ha ha he pretty much likes me too but nothing official has come of it.

Last night mary ryan ted peter and i all went downtown to see the parade and watch the lighting of the christmas tree in front of the capital and then fireworks right behind the capitol. the event was called Silver Bells and was just super fun! it was like such stereotypical "Holiday movie" fun! then we went to see ELF which is just like the SWEETEST movie and you would love it!!!! although there is a lil incident with a raccoon which is exactly what i fear these ballsy squirells at STATE will do to me! EEEEEE!!!!!!

My parents sold my house and we are all moved out on December 15, which means no last christmas, birthday, or new years at my house of 18 years. Talk about a downer! -----Hunter is talking a lot now. He says "cat, baby, cookie, pop, Teve (Steve) , Inz (Linds), and something like Gamp Gamp and Gam Gam" (grandpa and grandma) who knows!!! ha ha ha


I think that's basically it! Ha ha ha that's pretty sad considering i've been here since August! but i'm sure there's tons more! So i'll ttyl have a good day! BYE BYE BYE

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2003-11-22 17:07 (link)
haha, am i that boring? eh, sometimes i am. aww it was nice to hear about what's going on in your life. so a boy huh? ted? good luck with him, he must be quite a guy if you like him, since you are one of the most selective people i know when it comes to guys, which i highly admire. more of us should be that way. and i DID see ELF which was so freaking cute and i loved it! will ferrell, you are my hero. this mary girl as well sounds cool, hopefully i shall get to meet her someday. i can't wait till thanksgiving! we gots to hang out for sure, i've missed ya. turkey time is almost here, and i have a monster of an english paper to write, soooo i will talk to you soon! :) looooove
<3- C.A.

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2003-11-23 15:50 (link)
Hey...that's awesome u like relient k's funny i went to this thing called creation and waited in line 4 hrs to meet them but it never happened i just have bad luck in that department...u sound really kool can i add u to my friends?

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