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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 16:44:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:"Mabel"~Goldfinger

    Does he know that place below your neck that's your favorite to be touched...
    The hectic week is almost done! I finished all my honors stuff this afternoon, so now all I have to do is tackle this 7-9 page English paper hardcore, and I should be ok. Oh, and I have a speech to give on Monday. I think, other than that, I am ok. Phew. Almost Thanksgiving...

    Hmm, what else is new? There is this guy who lives on terrace in my dorm that I have developed kind of a funny relationship with. I have never actually talked to him before, but I see him on the way to French all the time, in the dining commons, and just around campus. He's pretty cute (he actually looks kinda like Dan Ward, interestingly enough), and we always smile at each other, although we've never actually met. I saw him pointing me out to one of his friends one time (I think that's what he was doing...), and I also caught him shamelessly (though he was trying to be sneaky) looking at my bum when I was wearing a pretty short skirt. It was funny. Hopefully he gets the nerve up to talk to me soon, because I probably won't. I just have trouble making the first move, so let's hope he does. He seems pretty nice. :)

    Hmm...anyway, have a good day, guys. It's almost the weekend! :) *blows kisses*

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2003-11-21 14:13 (link)
aww yay i hope that he finally talks to you....its a flirtation with a beautiful man...typical caroline hehehehe. Well if nothing happens before thanksgiving there is always the possibility of him being your little christmas present haha. See you soon..yay thanksgiving


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i'm lost...oh
2003-11-21 18:53 (link)
guys suck. i hate them. hahaha, i hope things go well with the ahem, dan ward look-alike. that would just be can't wait to see you, miss you. :)

*b to the izzo

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Re: i'm lost...oh
2003-11-22 01:21 (link)
ok this one is for the britt, the other is for 'nana.

guys do suck. i hope things with joshy are going better. muahh i miss ya. i went to an '80s party tonite, and it was sooooo much fun, and it would have been fun to have had ya there. we were dancing like craaazy. it was out of control, i loved every minute of it. someone pooed on a couch though...that was icky. anyway, only..what...a little less than 5 days till i am hoooome for thanksgiving. can't wait!!!! love u bebe girl.

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2003-11-22 02:47 (link)
haha, flirtation me? how many flirtations did we have? oh well, at least none of them were with Little Debbie, such as a certain boy..muahah. we shall see about the cutie pie being my lil present. that would be just great if that could happen. haha wow. can't wait till thanksgiving! much love!

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