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Caroline (pinkfairydust) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 23:38:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:"Galileo"~Amy Grant (old stuff, but good)

    we did the mash, we did the monster was a graveyard smash :)
    OMG our door for my room looks SO COOL!!!!!!! We decorated for Halloween, for the door-decorating contest in my dorm, or rather, on my floor, and not to be all cocky, but we so are gonna win!!! We have a tree, and gravestones, and a ghost, and all this other stuff. It looks so freaking awesome, I can't even describe it. I will try and post pictures later if I can.

    Well everyone, have a wonderful Halloween. I will be prancing merrily about in my hobbit costume, which also is going to be really sweet, so think of me fondly as I prance. Furry feet, pointy ears, a cloak...I'm going all out. SO EXCITED!!! :) I will also try and post pictures of that on here if I can. Be safe and have fun guys, and of course, never lots of candy and drive people nuts with your sugar-high! :) Haha...

    Love you!!!! *kisses and hugs*

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2003-10-31 17:46 (link)
oooh yay for hobbits. I love halloween yay. I am going to the out of control rocky horror picture out haha happy halloween be safe and have lots of fun..yay for candy


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2003-10-31 22:07 (link)
yay for rocky horror! haha, i would love to see that, danana all ho-ed out. haha yay! the hobbit costume was a huge hit, i actually love it to pieces and never want to pointy ears are so freaking cool!!!!! :) love ya hun, hope your halloween was most fabulous

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We are so Awesome!!
2003-10-31 20:16 (link)
Our door was really awesome!! And, yes, we did win! Happy Halloween!!!

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Re: We are so Awesome!!
2003-10-31 22:08 (link)
we ARE awesome!!!!! and we DID win!!!!!! yaaaaay for us, us sexy pirates and hobbits/elfs and dead brides and freaking cool are we?!?! :) teehee we rule

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