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__[brittany]__ (pink_n_proud) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 04:53:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Take Me Back Home * Greg Raposo

    I'm hiding, cryin, callin out your name....
    I can already promise you this entry will be long, but wtf it's 4:30am and I have nothing better to do because Shay has to work. :\ I had probably almost one of the worst days ever...

    My aunt is dying, she has been... for like 4 months, she's gone down hill... I've known this, just never really thought about her really going... and now they gave her 10 days MAYBE to live... 10 DAYS... I never realized how little time that really is. I cried, a lot. And I'm not over it... I'm still really upset about it and everything, but I can't focus on it, or I'll go crazy... :\

    I'm going to come flat out and explain everything right now, fuck you if you hate me for it because I'm sick of people pretending to be my friends and pretending to care... I smoked tonight and you know what? I'm fucking glad I did it. I'm sick of doing things for other people, or NOT doing things for other people... as of right now I think I have exactly 5 awesome friends that are there for me, and I'd rather only have 5 close friends then 100 regular friends. :\ I'm not making sense, and I don't even fucking care. Mandy and I have actually spent a lot of time together lately, and it's been nice... I mean... we just always have a blast, ya know? Other then Mandy though, I've been dead to the world... I've only been talking to Shay and Corey... well, and Chasity last night, but yeah... lmfao Hi Chasity <3.

    Next topic- it pisses me off when I come across shallow people. Yeah, here's where I won't be too open about everything, but wtf? Seriously you kind of people piss me off and you need to learn when to just keep your fucking mouths shut. People suck so bad... ew and they're all so fucking hurtful and urg. The end. I don't know, when it comes to all this, I just want to say that I can't help the way I feel, no one can. Which is why I'm done caring when people say "Hey the kid you are in love with lives 3000 miles away" good suck a cow. It's no one's bussiness, so I'm just going to stop talking about it with everyone all together. It was my stupid fucking mistake to trust half the people I do ANYWAYS. half of you don't know what being a real friend is Lmfao, I'm never this bitchy ::is proud of my post:: ugh what the fuck ever. I'm upset okay? Just... yeah I'm really upset and I'm losing it. Thank God I've got people to depend on that care about me ::loves on the 5:: yeah... at least I have you. :\

    So special thanks to-
    Corey, Shay, Mandy and Chasity- since you're all on my love list- you all get complimentery cookies... or something, I don't know i'm fucking tired But you've all dealt with my sad/bitchy/hyper/highness... and you own me %^#^^*&^$(*$^*($^*@$#@#$

    Kay yeah so what else is new? Oh, whoop tee do- my birthday is in 4 days. Psht, it's not even that exciting anymore... i just want to get my phone call :-) yeah and I talked to Chasity on the phone for an hour or so... she's one of the 5 :-) She owns me already, weeeeeee <33333 Um, yeah and I think right about now I could use having a threesome with Corey and Shay because they make me laugh and smile and "awww" and "wee" a lot... lmfao, kay I just love them? The end.

    Wee, yeah and I think that's all for now... WAIT- ::hates on Sam Cunt:: ew, okay now the end.

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2003-07-31 05:58 (link)
-Loves you- Like i said before I'm sorry about your aunt and i hate to say sorry and blah blah ha okay i'm chill. You have to let me call you again I hadnt laughed that much in a long time. -loves her complimentary cookies- wee? lmfao.

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2003-07-31 12:00 (link)
I love you too man :-P Thank you for not saying sorry? Lmao either way :-* You gotsta call me

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2003-07-31 07:21 (link)
I love you? :\

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2003-07-31 12:02 (link)
I love you too :\

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2003-07-31 08:04 (link)
-is sad she's not on your list-

Brittany omg I am so sorry about your aunt... -prays for you-. You know I'm here for you if you need to talk about it and everything.. I hope you feel better. I miss you. I wish I could see you more but work blows because I have it every single day and yeah it's suffocating. Once I get driving again I'll for sure come to see you more, you know it...

Anyways I'll go now. Because I have to go to WORK. But I'll talk to you when I get back. I love you.

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2003-07-31 12:07 (link)
You are on the list, just not listed...

Sorry, I've been pretty with drawn from people latley and yeah... the end. :\ It's nothing personal to anyone just... thanks for your prayers, but... \ I don't know, it's a very hopeless situation right now, and I don't know how to feel.

blah I love you too

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2003-07-31 10:22 (link)
Uhm. Get better and have a good birthday...

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2003-07-31 12:14 (link)
thanks Tom :\

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2010-08-04 03:07 (link)
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