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__[brittany]__ (pink_n_proud) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 22:18:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:"I'm not Anybodys girl" * Kaci

    `i'm not anybodys girrrrrlllll
    Let me start by saying, hi I have to update. And yeah this should be entertaining... hmmm...

    Okay so here it is, Sunday and I have to work at 9am tomorrow, WONDERFUL. :\ I'm sick and tired of my job already :\ All well, whatever... anyways, Friday night, I decided to go out even though I knew I'd have to be up at 7, and I really did plan on comming home early, just... eep, I met this guy and yeah... see it would be so great if I was just a little bit older cause lets just say... um... I'd be jailbait most definitely to him. :-( But he's so nice, and we really did have fun... yeah, not THAT kind of fun, but hm. Anyways, then Saturday I worked 9-6 and it was boring as fuck, like seriously it was SO SLOW I wanted to die thanks... hmm, then I went out last night and ahhh Lance was with my sister <3 haha, I haven't chilled with him since he moved to Waterbury and he's so much fun, so it was great, Lancer owns me, lmfao... anyways Bill was with us too <3 (the guy I met) and it was just awesome, but we were bored so we decided to go for a nature walk at night time, hahaha, bad idea... to make a long story short, we basically got chased out of the woods by a coyote. The end.

    Blah today sucked, I woke up with a fever and shit, it sucked... then all day I just felt like I suck. Like, okay that sounds dumb, but I felt like everyone and everything was against me. I hate days like that. Idk, I feel like giving up, Idk on what though :\ i can predict the future, and i DONT want that to happen

    Did I mention I'm pyshco? Cause I am... yeah, believe it.

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2003-08-24 23:34 (link)
like hi I'm leaving a comment cuz I'm really cool and DeWN WiD iT LyKe dAt ew god I hate people that type like that yeaa anyway I have ZERO to say on whatever you burbled about in your entry cuz to be honest all I read was the word Lance and then I zoned out cuz there was no mentioning of a 'Bass' after that..ha I'm kidding rofl n*stink suck though JC is pretty hot, he can lick instead :x bah but now I hate you cuz you've got that annoying Kaci song in my head and yea I'm gonna go whore your IM box now ciao Emilyyy

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2003-08-26 04:14 (link)
commenting, whoooooooo

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