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Meg (pink_laydee101) wrote,
@ 2005-10-02 10:10:00
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    wooooowww! I haven't updated in quite a while. My bad*
    -As soon as you get online... whos name do You look for first? When a
    Slow Song Comes On The Radio--Whose Face comes To Your Mind first?
    When You Hear Your Phone Ringing...Who Do You Hope it is callin? Whose
    name Makes Your Heart skip a beat?-

    Isn't that cute? You know who its about lol!
    Well things are going good I suppose*

    Things are ok. Uhm-
    History-ah its ok. I got homeowrk I need to do, and we have a test in there tomorrow..ugh*
    Science-good..? Its accually one of my fave classes
    APE-stil hating it lol!
    Geom.-doing a tad bit better..kinda! I failed a test w/ flying colors the other day*
    Band-we lost our 1st comp. yesterday, we had to have been cheated out because we were 10 times better than all the others. It really pissed me off.

    Things are ok.
    I'm a real loner at the house.
    Maybe its normal to be a loner at your house, maybe not?
    I don't care.

    Uhmm..what friends? lol j/p
    Ever since recently I have barely hung out w/ anyone from Pennington, well with the exception of Emily.
    I have been hangn out w/ Whitney B. Rachel Ott, Sarah Stanton, Sam King, Caitlyn Callahan, Josh, Josh, Spenc, Nic, etc.
    I jus don't see the point in hangin out w/ my old friends.
    They are such preps and it pisses me off sometimes.

    We are doing good *knocks on wood*
    physically we aren't really close but mentally we are together all the time.
    if that makes sense. I mean when we werent dating we were REALLY close physically.
    But now we aren't even close to how close we were.
    Like on the bus rides home we barely hold hands.
    I did sleep on him

    Other than those things theres nothing else to say.

    shes scared. scared to lose him. shes scared she'll
    do something wrong to make him want to leave. shes
    scared that he'll find someone else so much better
    then her. shes scared because she finally realized
    how much he means to her.

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2005-10-02 17:59 (link)
Thats good things are okay at schoolio...
I used to be a loner at my house, not so much anymore, but it must be normal...
Sarah Stanton? The same Sarah josh dated?
Yeah you know, I dont know HOW many people have told me that highschool would be totally different and you most likely NOT keep your friends from MS..and isnt that so truE? I always thought, "Heck no, me and my girls will always be togehter!" So I a way...I'm glad I moved ataleast THIS year because who knows? you and me might have hated each other or something? Maybe it was MEANT for me to interesting..
Glad you and Josh are doing good.....
Well goodness...I miss you and everyone else sooo blessing much! Its extremely crazy...
I <3 ya

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2005-10-02 18:04 (link)
yeah Sarah as in the one whod ated j
shes really cool
a sweetie too lol!

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